How My Ex Could Not Remarry After I Left Her

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This was something that really happened to me, only those close to me knew what I went through that period in my life.

“The day I left my ex I took nothing. I had on a pair of slippers and a boubou.


Not even the phone he got me.

I removed my sim card and put it in my old phone.

I left all the designer bags. Shoes, gold jewelry, clothes.

All the furniture I painstakingly put together to make our house a home.



I had my passport and headed straight to the airport. I was incognito for a month.

He sent everybody to beg me but there was no going back. Only dogs go back to their own vomit.


He refused to pack up my belongings.

He left all my things exactly the way I left them.

When he eventually moved on and his new girlfriends visited, he would fight them when they tried to move my clothes and shoes out of the closet.

A few left until one who thought she could change him decided to stay.

She tried to be sneaky. Moving little things here and there and he would erupt in fury.

One day she called my number and asked to “release” her man to her.

I laughed hysterically. I had even forgotten he existed. She went on to narrate how my pictures and things are still all over the house.

How he refuses to let her clean the house because she doesn’t put them back the way I used to put them.

She told me how she got some stuff from Jaruma thinking he will change but it made no difference.

She wanted to know who my native doctor.

I told her I would advise her but I knew she wouldn’t listen and so warned her never to call my number again.

6 months later, she called again, crying, begging me to please leave her man.


After the first phone call, she had started having dreams, she would dream of me and in the dream, I would be feeding her.

At first, the dreams were fruits, later on, it became raw meat dripping in blood.

One day I was feeding her the intestines of a dead dog. She woke and started throwing up blood.


She told my ex but he didn’t believe her. He told her to go to the hospital but they found nothing, they told her she was fine.

The final one that instigated the most recent phone call was the dream where I was feeding her live maggots, forcing them down her throat.

She woke up sneezing,  with each sneeze maggots flew out of her nose.

My ex has sent her out of the house and she doesn’t know what to do.

She told me she was in front of my studio and the security refused to let her in.

So I went out to meet her and she fell on her knees in front of me, wailing and begging.

I told her to leave that I did not do anything to her.

She started pulling my leg the way I’m pulling your leg right now.

Ridiculous story right? Yup ! That’s how ridiculous some of the stories I read on Social Media!

Anybody can come up with any nonsense tory

” To any yen yen yen comment.

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