After My Husband Lied With the Dead

My husband was a drunkard…..every time I was called to go and take him out of the gutters he fell into drunk. Sometimes I found him in a coma.  My family asked me to leave him but I didn’t want because I was hoping he will change.

At a point, I got tired and I couldn’t take it any longer, so I decided to change the situation some other way.

One day I was called as usual to pick him up and I went. I carried him straight to the morgue. I negotiated with the mortuary attendant to lay him on the ground there with other corpses that were brought that day awaiting to be put in the mortuary fridge.

Two hours later my husband woke up and began to beg that they should not put him in the fridge because he is not dead.

The mortuary attendant started to whip him saying “You corpses that come here to do witchcraft and be disturbing, go lie down there.”  

My husband begged and begged and after a bit of flogging, the mortuary attendant finally let him out.


Anytime they are advertising any alcoholic drink on the television, he will switch off the TV and go to bed

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