How to Calm Your Husband’s Mind

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      <h2 style=”text-align: center;”>💕HOW TO CALM YOUR HUSBAND’S MIND💕</h2>
      1️⃣. 💖MAKE LOVE TO HIM💖

      Sex has a way of relaxing a man. You will change his mood when you make love to him, especially if you are the one who seduces him and initiates it….

      If coming home to you is coming home to yet another argument and fight where you explode and turn everything into an issue, he will dread coming home and it hurts when home is a place to run away from, not to run to….

      3️⃣. 💖ASK HIM HOW HE IS💖
      Most women want the husband to ask them “How was your day?”, “How did you sleep?” “How are you?” yet they rarely ask the husband these. If these questions make you feel cared for, your husband also wants to feel cared for…..

      A lot of men can be disorganized, especially when they are going through a lot in life or have a lot on their mind. This chaos in their system, dressing, schedule or environment can lead to more unease on their mind. When you help him clear the clutter and attend to some of his needs without him asking, he will think better…..

      Most have a man cave. This is an activity they do or a place they go to perhaps a room; maybe to play a game, watch TV, meditate and think, write, read, create, work out or just be. Don’t attack this, just agree with him on how he can balance his time so that he doesn’t spend too many hours in his man cave…….

      6️⃣. 💖PRAY FOR HIM💖
      You are the one who knows best his potential, struggles, battles and questions; commit him to prayer. Let him hear you pray for him……

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