Man sees dead wife with another man in Ibadan


Man sees dead wife with another man in Ibadan

One Fisayo Saka from Oyo State caused a lot of traffic today at Challenge Road.

Mr Fisayo said he came into Ibadan yesterday for an Interview at a nearby Hospital and decided to move around to see how Ibadan looks like. He was walking around challenge Round-about when he sighted his wife that died 3yrs ago in his home town.

According to him, “My wife died of asthma 3yrs ago and had since been buried but am surprised to see her with a man conveying her in a keke, at first I hesitated, then I summoned courage and called her by name, she turned, look at me and disappeared”.

The man who carried her fainted twice. After he was  resuscitated, he narrated his story saying he had lived with her for more than a year.  He also said they met in church and he later proposed to her and she accepted.


These are the kind of stories I write when I am hungry.

How can gas and beans be that expensive at the same time In this our Nigeria ?

If you wan vex vex!!


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