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      Alade Emmanuel


      Retirement is something that all workers must plan for either as private or government workers but the reality is that most people don’t plan for it.

      Retirement if not planned for will bring regret and depression.

      The first problem the person will experience is lack of cash flow which may lead to sadness and sadness may lead to depression and depression may lead to sickness and sickness may lead to death.

      However,if you don’t have a good wife who shows understanding and who supports you,this may weigh you down seriously.
      My dear brothers!as you take care of your family and pay the school fees of your children, don’t forget to plan for your future.

      The idea that your children are your investment doesn’t make sense It is your religious responsibility to take good care of your wife and your children but don’t put your trust or depend on them during old age.What if they disappoint you “Falina’usu billahi”may Allah forbid.

      Nothing is impossible.Just plan for what can bring money and tranquility for you after retirement. The salary will stop and your gratuity may not come after two or three years of retirement.How will you cope?
      A wise person must prepare for the dry season.My brothers!”No condition is permanent oo”
      This can be learnt from the story of prophet Yusuf(A .S)

      Don’t believe your wife is an angel,she is human being like you.You may not really understand who she is until you cannot do as you used to do especially the finance of the home.Our fathers says”Owo lobirin mo” it is money that women know.Please my dear brothers!plan for your future.
      It is good to have your own house and also have something that can sustain you after retirement so that you will not become”olowo Ana”Past millionaire.

      It is also advisable to invest in your wife so that when you have financial challenges,you and your wife will not be down.My little research shows that most educated elites have problems after retirement than the illiterates.
      The educated people have this non-nonchalant attitude towards their future.They only concentrate on the present and they forget the future.What an irony? Though,it is not easy to go into investment while working but you can engage somebody to assist you.

      Retirement is real oo.Don’t use your ten fingers to eat.Plan for your future so that you can continue to be the head of your family if you don’t want power to change hands particularly if you don’t have a good and submissive wife.

      In order to avoid loneliness, don’t abandon your friends and your family members. Don’t allow your wife and your children to separate you from your friends and family members.

      Don’t forget your creator.Engage in ibaadah (worship) and don’t allow your work to hinder you from worshipping Allah and helping others.
      May Allah bless our families 🙏 aamin

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