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      You Left Your Husband Because He Was Cheating. Then This Happens,

      You left your husband because He was cheating.
      You have a kid or two.

      So you divorced because you were so pained.
      You left.
      You left with the kids.

      You started working hard to cater for your needs. You work so hard, but it isn’t enough.

      To meet up with the growing economic demands, you find a wealthy man. He is rich. You dont care. You need to pay fees for your kids as a strong, independent woman. You need to prove that it can be done.
      So you’re dating a wealthy married man. You are now a side chic.

      You begin to think of the side chics your husband has and why he has them then. You do not even question the morality. You begin to understand why. Maybe they’ve got kids too. Mouths to feed, life to live.
      It doesn’t make sense still.

      So you call the married man when he is home, and he hides to shout at you for wanting to disturb his peace with his “wife” as you ought to know when he is home.

      You think of your hurts, you think of your consolation. At least you had a husband. He was fully yours. He cheats, but he was fully yours.

      So you attempt to find out what is going on with him now, but he is married again to a younger woman.

      After you make contact, he comes to visit you and the kids. He drops some money once a while. The new wife is in charge now…

      You connect on old times. You even had sex.

      He leaves to his house to his wife.
      You’re now dating two married men.
      Both of them are cheating on their wives.

      And then you say life wasn’t fair to you. 😳😅

      As bad as this may sound, it happens.

      Wise men learn from the mistakes of others.

      Don’t leave ur peaceful abode(marriage) bcs he cheats. It rains everywhere oooo😳😳

      Be wise 👌@ever@everyone

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