Who Owns the Sand?

*A man with problems in his family life decided to go home and consult a juju man.The juju man told him to come back in two weeks bringing along some sample of sand from his yard.*  

*So the man went back after two weeks with the sample of sand.*  

*The juju man performed his rituals and said to the man….I don’t know if you can handle hearing this. The man said go ahead. I want to hear it.*  

*The juju man said the two boys you have are not your sons, your daughter is seeing five different men and your wife is pregnant for your younger brother.*  ‍‍‍

*The man started laughing. The juju man asked him why he was laughing, after all these bad news.*  

*The man responded, I don’t know if you can handle this. The juju man said go ahead. The man said, I was running late and I forgot to bring the sand sample from my yard, so I dug out some from your compound.*

Oya de juju man fainted

Release some stress

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