Why I Stay Indoor on Easter Days

It was on a day like this during easter celebration.

Everyone were at home mourning the death of our saviour Jesus Christ when the devil pushed me to go and have some baby boy treatment.

And the only place on my mind was mama bukey.

Mama bukey restaurant was located at the outskirts of the town.

A place were street boys usually come to appease the gods of hunger.

I had taken a position close to the standing fan while ordering for a plate of pepper soup meat and a chilled drink.


Then I noticed this guy with a white shirt just a table away from me.

He was with a girl.

They were seriously smooching and kissing in a broad daylight.


“See the people that Jesus died for”. I murmured.

I washed my hands and started devouring my meal but the meat was too strong.

Indeed some cow are very stubborn even in death.

The meat madam bukey served me was the strongest I have ever tasted.

I had to use all my energy to drag the meat.

And with the help of the fan, the oil and pepper splashed on the guy’s shirt, while the rest entered the girl’s eye.


For two seconds in my life, my world stood still.

I felt stupid.

“Bro I’m sorry”

I said while still chewing the stupid meat and using my tongue to clean the back of my teeth.

Then the guy walked up to me and gave me a thunderous slap before asking me if I am mad.


Of course I am not mad.

It is the meat and madam bukey that is mad.

And that was how he started beating me o.

The beating was too much, and I began to wonder if people were not around to separate us.

Just then a guy stepped in and dragged him away, then took me by the hand.

His name was Ola.

Ola my saving grace.

I was too weak to stand on my own, so he offered to take me home.

All through the journey home, he was giggling and smiling at intervals.

I know he was dying to laugh out loud but he couldn’t because he knew the beating actually touched my spinal cord.

Since that day, I made it compulsory to stay at home every easter period.

But this morning I woke up with a very strong craving for goat meat pepper soup.


Affliction shall not rise the second time.

That devil is a liar.



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