Why is Nigerians’ Life Expectancy So Low Compared to Similar Countries

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      Alade Emmanuel

      The term “life expectancy” refers to the number of years a person can expect to live. By definition, life expectancy is based on an estimate of the average age that members of a particular population group will be when they die.

      It is pretty surprising, and also alarming, that the life expectancy of Nigerians is so incredibly low that it has far below 60 years. An average Nigerian is expected to live below 60 years. Only a few Nigerians can possibly escape this Statistical probability.

      You can practically see the comparison of Nigeria with other countries similar to Nigeria below. Why is the life expectancy so low as 55 years?

      Similar Countries Ranked by Life Expectancy
      Country Name 2023 Life Expectancy
      Sri Lanka 77.56
      Morocco 77.43
      Tunisia 77.36
      Honduras 75.87
      Vietnam 75.77
      Nicaragua 75.23
      Georgia 74.24
      Micronesia 74.08
      El Salvador 74.06
      Cabo Verde 73.58
      Bangladesh 73.57
      Solomon Islands 73.38
      Bhutan 72.77
      Egypt 72.54
      Ukraine 72.50
      Bolivia 72.35
      Indonesia 72.32
      Moldova 72.30
      Uzbekistan 72.04
      Philippines 71.66
      Sao Tome and Principe 71.01
      Vanuatu 70.99
      Cambodia 70.54
      Mongolia 70.53
      India 70.42
      Timor-Leste 70.18
      Kiribati 69.17
      Djibouti 67.87
      Pakistan 67.79
      Myanmar 67.78
      Kenya 67.47
      Sudan 66.09
      Mauritania 65.57
      Papua New Guinea 65.22
      Ghana 64.94
      Zambia 64.70
      Angola 62.22
      Republic of Congo 61.60
      Eswatini 61.05
      Cameroon 60.32
      Nigeria 55.75

      What are the factors leading to Nigerians’ low level of life expectancy in Nigeria?

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