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      My appointment commenced effectively on 25th May 2023. With the dissolution of all Federal Government Boards and parastatals except the ones listed in the Constitution on Monday 19th June 2023, my tenure ended after 26days in office. Now I am celebrating these glorious 26 days for the following reasons.

      1. I praise Allah for using me to achieve in 26 days what I may not have achieved in 8 years if I do not worship Him.

      2. In 26 days my Lord used me to prove to all Nigerians that the renewed hope is possible only if all leaders and followers are sincerely committed to it. CHANGES DO NOT HAPPEN THROUGH PRAYERS ALONE. CHANGES HAPPEN THROUGH PRAYERS AND POSITIVE ACTIONS.

      3. When I was appointed as chairman NDIC my main concern was my standing before Allah on the day of Accountability.I was therefore determined along with my Board of Directors to bring about transformational changes to improve the nation’s economy through the enhancement of the financial sector. We have successfully played this role in 26 days.

      4. I was afraid of keeping my name, reputation, honour and integrity intact throughout my tenure. In 26 days my Lord assisted me to complete this huge assignment with unblemished records.

      5.If you recall, I asked you all to reserve your congratulatory messages till the end of my tenure. You are now free to congratulate me if you wish because right now I am so happy this trial has ended well.

      6. On my way to Saudi Arabia I met so many Nigerians who expressed their joy over my conduct while in office. I cannot count how many proud Nigerians took selfies with me to the extent I became emotional at a point and I said to myself. My Lord you did all these for me in just 26 days? No handcuffs? No EFCC, ICPC, POLICE or DSS invitations? It can only be you my Lord!

      7. Ordinarily it takes after 4 years before one could attain the coveted status of being a former chairman of NDIC. However by the special grace of Allah, in just 26 days, yours sincerely has proudly become the former chairman of NDIC. What an incredible feat!

      8. I pray for the success of the new administration under a determined and courageous President Bola Ahmed Tinubu. May Allah strengthen him with men and women of integrity who will help translate his desire for a better Nigeria into success. He has started well and Allah will help him to end well.

      7. I thank you all for your prayers and support.

      8. This is the renewed hope. Please play your role wherever you find yourself

      9. I am in Saudi Arabia for Hajj and I am praying for you as you read and share this. May Allah bless you and open more profitable ways for you.

      10. Finally I say Congratulations to all Nigerians. Simply because I see the possibility of a new country if we can kill our greed. I am proud to say we can make Nigeria great again.

      Hon Dr Abdul Hakeem Abdul Lateef
      Former chairman NDIC

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