Sule was a very dull boy. His peers called him “Father of fools”

When he was in a Private school he got the following results:

Maths = 2%

English = 5%

Science = 0%

Social sciences = 1%

He was taken to a government school and got the following results;

Maths = 0%

English = 1%

Science = 0%

Social sciences = 0%

His parents were very disappointed but still decided to put him in a Christian school even though they were not Christians.

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The First term Sule passed and was the  first in the class .

Maths = 90%

English = 93%

Science = 95%

Social sciences = 89%

His parents could not believe it. They asked him how he managed to pass and he said;

“when I saw  a man nailed on the cross at every corner of the school building, I knew that these teachers don’t joke with students here, they will nail me too if I fail”

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