Many single men out there look forward to getting married but the way they treat the women who come into their lives make the woman feels she is not a need to him and as such she cannot marry a man who treats her so. It pains them to say goodbye and that is why many shed tears. This write up will try to highlight five mistakes men commit which prevents them from getting married to her.

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. He tries to be her father rather than being her lover. Trying to have control and authority over her and the relationship, that  whatever he says is final and hates to be challenged or disobeyed. He wants her to seek permission from him on everything she does and when she fails to do so or forgets, he treats her like a kid, not a mature person who can think for herself, or is responsible and can be trusted to take care of herself.

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2. He makes it hard for her to talk to or play with him. The relationship is too serious, like a military academy. She is made to take orders and do as he says. He has no time for little gossips, little fun, can’t make time to watch her favourite shows with her. It’s boring being with such a man and the thought of getting married to him scares lots of women.

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He has no clear direction about his future plans and vision. She knows little about how much he earns, what he wants to do in the near future for her to know where she fits in his life and how she can be of help. He mostly calls for her to come and do his household chores such as cooking, washing, and he also when he needs sex.

Sometimes it’s hard for her to attend to his calls because it looks like he is only interested in what she does for him and not what both can do together. She sees herself as an errand lady to him than a wife to be. Women love to be with a man who initiates, who takes the lead and guides them. They can easily follow such a man.

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4. Many guys are insensitive, show little or no interest in his woman’s welfare but rather wants her to beg for help from him before he comes to her aid. Women don’t want to commit to such a man for life. They don’t want a man who won’t make time to ask about their welfare, plans, dreams and know the progress she is making or the struggles she is facing. She doesn’t feel safe with such a man. The feeling they get from such a man is that, he doesn’t care about them or love them.

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Lots of single men don’t know the value of the woman in their lives so they are not able to protect them, but rather make them vulnerable or expose them to hurt. She believes if you know her value in your life, you won’t put other women first or before her; telling her she is the main chic so she should be cool with you entertaining other women as your side chick. She wants to be your woman and not main, first or favourite.

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She believes she is a queen, she doesn’t need to share her position in your life with any other woman, when you do that, you don’t only make her feel jealous, she feels she is not good enough for you that is why you look elsewhere. She sees no reason why you should go playing with other women when you have a woman who loves and cares for you. A woman who is serious with you.

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In Summary “In whatever you do, don’t let selfishness or pride be your guide. Be humble, and honor others more than yourselves”

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