For the past few days now, I have been in counselling sessions with a lot of people, especially ladies treating different issues.

One complain I keep getting from the ladies I have counseled so far is that the men in their lives don’t give them time, attention, care and all of that.

One lady told me that she is the kind of person that when she loves, she loves hard and gives her all to make the person she’s in a relationship with happy.

So she’s in a relationship with a guy. She loves the guy so much and gives her all to make the relationship work and also to make her partner happy.

But the guy rarely reciprocates all that she’s doing. He doesn’t give her attention, doesn’t call or chat as he supposed to.

What she does is to create unnecessary drama in order to get the attention of the guy. She quarrel the guy into to get his attention.

Consequently, the guy broke up with her. Now, she’s heart broken and has given up on love.

She asked me a question that touched the inner most part of my being. She asked, “Is it fair?” I felt for her.

It’s not fair that she loves and gives her all but can’t get back the same. She actually told me that she wants to stop loving hard and giving her all because people are taking advantage of that to hurt her.

I told her that you should not change your person because of people. It is not your fault that you loves hard and gives your all.

It’s just that she hasn’t met the right person yet. The right person will love her, will give her the needed attention and care.

She will met the right person that will feel privileged to be loved by her. It’s my wish for her.

Another lady complained of the same thing. Her guy does not  give her attention, to chat or call is a problem sometimes.

He will be online but won’t chat with her. And whenever she complains about that, problem will start.

She told me that 3  weeks ago she and the guy had a misunderstanding when she complained over the same issue.

She said the guy even told her that it is not everyday they are meant to be talking. I was amazed. How can I say I love my Rose and in a day I didn’t hear from her and I am normal? I can’t never be normal until I hear from her!

Since that 3 weeks he didn’t call, chat or speak with the lady. Even when she made a move to speak with him, nothing seems to have changed. It’s like he has moved on with his life.

So I told her what to do and we ended our counseling session.

Sadly, a lot of people are in a relationship with those that are not really into them, they are wasting their time, causing them pains and at the end of the day, they end up in hurts.

What I intend to do in this article is to show you various signs you will notice when someone is really into you, when someone loves and is interested in you.

At the end, you will evaluate your relationship and know the next step forward so you don’t waste your time and nobody wastes your time for you.

Let’s dive in…


When someone is into you, you don’t need to beg the person or create drama in order to get the attention of the person, on the contrary, the person will give you attention. It will come on its own.

You give attention to something that is important to you, to something that interests you, to something that occupies your heart, and to something that attracts your mind.

So when someone is not giving you attention, it maybe a sign the person is not into you. It maybe because the person didn’t find you that interesting. When someone is interested in you, you will know and feel it because the attention will be there.

Does he gives you attention? Does she gives you attention? One sure way to know this is, does he or she have your time?


When someone is into you, the person will have your time. We have time for things that are important to us. No matter how tight the schedule, we create time for important things.

Simply put, anyone that doesn’t have your time is not into you. Don’t waste your time with such a person. Anyone that doesn’t have your time, you shouldn’t have his or her time either.

We have time for everything, so anyone that doesn’t create time to be with you is not into you. Stop begging people to make time for you. If they consider you important, they will have time for you.


When someone is into you, he will care for you. There will be signs of care. Now, what does it mean to care? According to dictionary definitions, it means things that are done to keep someone healthy, safe, etc, it also means things that are done to keep something in good condition.


When someone is into you, they will make efforts to ensure that your are good, safe, okay, comfortable and all of that, they will call you to know how you’re doing, how your day is going and they will be concerned about your well-being.

In most cases, they will spend their resources to ensure you are good. Someone that is not interested in how you feel is definitely not into you because someone that cares will be interested in your welfare.


Communication is the blood of every relationship. It is the backbone and the bedrock of every relationship. Once there’s no communication there’s no relationship.

When someone is into you, they will be in regular communication with you, they will call you, they will chat with you, they will text you as the case maybe just to hear from you.

Few days back, I said that hearing the voice of whom you love is a delight. When you love someone, when you are interested in a person, when you are into a person, you will also love to hear from the person.

So when someone rarely communicates with you, it maybe a sign the person is not into you. The person will be online but won’t chat with you, even when you send a message, it takes eternity to get a reply. Sometimes they will read but won’t reply you. It is a sign.


One of the evidences of love is giving. When you love someone, will you give. There can be no love without giving.


So when someone rarely give you things, it maybe a sign the person is not into you. When someone is into you, the will give you gifts, money, even recharge card as the case maybe.

The gift doesn’t really has to be great. It’s not about the size of the gift that really counts but the thought behind the gift. For someone to give you something shows they have been thinking about you. It feels good to know that someone is thinking of you to extend of getting a gift for you.

In conclusion, it’s not difficult to know when someone is into you or not into you. With these 5 signs, you can easily evaluate your relationship and know where you are standing and  the step forward.

I’m committed to helping you to marry right, to treat your relationship and marriage issues effectively and to build happy homes. You want to talk? I’m DM away!

Thanks for reading. I hope you got value?


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