Untainted Touch – Circumcision in Islam

Past Scholar, Imam An-Nawawi [رحمه اللّٰه] said

“Circumcision is obligatory for both men and women in our view. This is the view of many of the righteous predecessecors, as was narrated by Al-Khatdabi. Among those who regarded it as obligatory is Ahmad. It is the correct view that is well known and was stated by Ash-Shafi’i, May Allah have mercy on him and the majority definitely stated that it is obligatory for both men and women.”

Source: [Al-Majmu’ 1/367, Translation Verified by THIQA Administration]

Scholar of the Sunnah, Sh. Muhammad Sa’id Raslan [حفظه اللّٰه] said

“The scholars differed, is this circumcision recommended or obligatory and when is it obligatory for a person to have it in his lifetime? Is it obligatory for men and women, or for men only?

The correct view of these differences is that it is obligatoty. Circumcision includes the completion of purity in males, and stabilization of nature in females. In it are health benefits of which those with intellect choose (to enjoy). The time for when circumcision is obligatory, is when reaching adulthood, but if it is before that then it is more gentle on the circumcised, and less painful, and faster in healing.

The Scholar Ibnul-Qayyim [رحمه اللّٰه] mentioned in Tuhfatul-Mawadud:

‘It takes place on the seventh day, if possible.’

Since at that time the nerve endings are not yet grown completely, so if circumcision does occur; There will be no pain which tends to be of concern, therefore whoever has circumcised in this age does not need anesthetics and as for the grown up, he will need drugs otherwise the people will have to gather around him from every direction (to hold him). The obligatory time is in the time of puberty, when it becomes obligatory for him to purify himself and pray. The legislated circumcision is the cutting of the covert skin of the glans of the male, and the skinning of a small portion of the skin that is on the top part of the famale’s vagina and you do know that many conferences and institutions now prohibit this reduction in females, and this is not sound, this is disgraceful, opposing the legislation rather what they reasoned with is that which comes from bad application, because the Prophet [ﷺ] when he passed by that woman (who practiced circumcision for women), he said:


‘Clip but don’t go extreme.’

The girl should be presented to the skilled Muslim woman, and that woman is the one who looks; She may not find taking something necessary, this is from a medical point during procedure, the doctor may find the girl in a situation where it isn’t upon her. The situation may not necessitate to take something so she says: This has nothing in it (to be removed). You may also find her like the man and this happens for some girls go to some surgeons; because she can’t not be patient on this, she cannot live like this – she will go against her own will, perhaps even behind her family’s back. There is no ban on these methods, harmonizing with the religion of Allah the Blessed and Almighty, harmonizing with human nature, as the Prophet [ﷺ] said this when he mentioned this issue in the characteristics of human nature (Al-Fitdrah), but we ask Allah to guide all Muslims, and to return us all back to the truth beautifully, Indeed He is able to do all things. Indeed in some countries, there are some wild people who remove the whole skin of the clitoris, and claim ignorantly that this is the circumcision (legislated), while this is nothing but torture, a representation and in contrary to what was brought by the Prophet [ﷺ], this is forbidden and the one who does this is a sinner.

I ask Allah, may He be blessed and exalted, to grant us all success in following His pure law, and adhering to the approach of His prophet and our last supplication is that Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds.”


Source: [Audio Inspected & Translated, Translation by THIQA Administration]


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