When a Woman Wants to Teach You a Lesson…

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When a woman wants to teach you a lesson, even Satan sits down to take notes

My husband was a big drunkard. Each time I was called to pick him up in bars and terraces.

My family and friends wanted me to leave him. But I loved him and was hopeful that I would find a solution some day.

At one point, I was so tired that I said to myself that I must find a solution very quickly.

One day I went to pick him up. He was completely drunk as usual. Instead of taking him home, I headed to the mortuary. I negotiated with the Mortuary Attendant to have him sleep near the corpses. Then I went home.

Two hours later, according to the Mortuary Attendant, my husband woke up and started begging the Mortuary Attendant that he was not dead.

The Mortuary Attendant whipped him very hard, even saying: “You corpses, you come to practice witchcraft here, go lie down with your friends…”

After pleas upon pleas, he ended up being released and came home.

Since that day, even soft drink, my husband doesn’t take it anymore. He is now on water ONLY! And the water must not be in a bottle or can!!!

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