When I was a little boy, I was told severally not to give in for enjoyment, rather work hard and face my study.

They painted a picture of “don’t worry, deny yourself now and enjoy later”.

This was all I heard from my parents and those ahead of me, all through my primary school and secondary school education.

It was another phase of self denial, when I got into the tertiary institution.

Coupled with living a religious life, characterized with rigorous fasting, religious activities and many other self denials. So by implications, my enjoyment was further postponed to a more future time.

After graduation, I had the impression that when I get a job and as soon as I get  married, I will rest from some level of self denials.

But my dream never materialised.

This is the time emphasis is laid on building my future the more – a time I must eat less in other to secure my own future and that of my children.

The loads and burdens of family began to weigh me down, school fees, family bills and expected future security won’t let me enjoy the little I sweat to make.

I have to keep saving from the little I make, while I sacrifice those things my soul earnestly desires.

As one begins to climb the ladder of 50, nature begins to deny you some privileges.

Those food you like to eat, are being taken away from you for health reasons.

Strength to enjoy life begins to diminish at 50.

If you have accumulated wealth, others have to help you eat, it while you subject yourself to fruits and vegetables.

What a life of bitterness!


When you have what it takes to enjoy life, you are barred from enjoying just to secure your future.

Now, you are in the future you sacrificed for, but you are being monitored by your Doctor. Your diet is streamlined and limited to what the doctor prescribes for a healthy living.

I think there is an error somewhere whether by omission or commission?

Why will a man work all the days of his life without enjoying his labour?

This is an error. In an attempt to save money for future they are not sure of, many had gone to their early graves because of malnutrition, self medication and undue self denials.

There is time for self denials and there is time for enjoyment.


A time to give to your soul what it desires.

A time to eat good food, wear nice clothes, travel to memorable places and time to make merry. Life is not that long as we think.

While working for your future, don’t shutdown your present, in fact it should run concurrently.

Eat meat when you have teeth, before you are told it is not good for your body again.

Wear good clothes when you still have the shape to carry out its fitting.

Have moment dedicated for relaxation, afterall life is always demanding.

Don’t invest all your life working for others, to reap what you laboured for all through. It is an error by whoever made the design!

Let’s start enjoying from here, before we enter into everlasting enjoyment that has no end!

Some will miss enjoyment Here on earth and still miss it hereafter, God forbid!

Enjoy your life within the confine of righteousness as prescribed and feel good.

It is not enough for you to pass through life, allow life itself to pass through you, so that you can experience  a worthy life. Remember no one can do it on your behalf, so change the design to suit your purpose and implement it to the the fullest, as you are guarantee of only this life and not another.                                              *Do have a wonderful week ahead. Copiedbutedited. Good morning this morning.*

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