My Trick Worked on My Wife

My wife went to bed very early yesterday night because I didn’t allow her to attend her club’s half of the year party. After finishing a bottle of big stout, I decided to join her. When I touched her, she pushed my hand away. I touched her again, she hissed and jumped out of the bed and put on a jeans short and a jeans trouser. 

She climbed the bed, turning her back on me. Haaa, road closed! I thought…. *”Pikin wey no go let him mama sleep, himself no go sleep.”* I cleverly put my phone on 5mins alert ringtone, stood up and plugged the phone. I climbed the bed and turned my back on her, waiting for my trap. 

The alarm rang, I hurriedly picked the phone and shouted hello, okay am on my way. My wife jumped out of the bed and shouted, holy ghost fire, husband snatcher, not this night, tonight is my night. As she was shouting, she was also removing all the “jangbajastics” and throwing them away one by one and then she dragged me to the bed. 


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