Enjoy Yourself While You Are Still Living


Recently, a civil servant was promoted from grade level 16, awaiting her level 17 letter and suddenly, she had high blood pressure which resulted in  a coma and the next thing we heard today is her death.

It is a tragedy to work your ass off all your life only to pass away in your fondest moments. ‘God forbids’, I hear you say.

See, we are often got carried away giving our best to life when we forget that we too, deserve the best from us.

Beloved, you need to start taking care of your health. Eat good food. Rest very well and take life gently.

If you can’t build a duplex, build a two-bedroom flat and enjoy yourself.

If you have a car thank God, If not, don’t kill yourself.

Send your children to schools you can afford. Success does not necessarily tied to big schools. Cut your clothes according to your cloth.

Dear, if you can’t buy Lace, put on Ankara.


If you can’t afford designers, slay with Okirika. You can’t impress the whole world by wearing expensive clothes.  So far you are not wearing rags, my dear, you are doing just fine.

Women, if your husband is misbehaving, try to fix it. But if he refuses to change, presume as if the problem doesn’t exist.

If your wife is not giving you peace of mind, work things out. But after trying your best and no change in sight, neglect her and face your children.


If one of your children is frustrating your life after giving him/her proper parenting, pray to God to intercede and do your best and don’t give up on them, but if they aren’t heeding, don’t kill yourself. You did not kill your parents. Did you? They will live fine if you die. Perhaps, the barren also live a happy life!

See, if your workload in the office is becoming unbearable, speak out and do the little you can. Just be honest with yourself. Laziness is different from overdoing!

If your circle of friends, old school mates or family members are more of a competition rather than encouragement, don’t do pass yourself, stay on your lane!


If you are amongst people who are full of envy and hatred, edit and exit their midst.

If your business folds up or is on the edge of folding up, look only unto God and seek workable solutions. Avoid different terrible advice from family and friends to do juju. Don’t be tempted; it never ends well.

As long as there is life, there is always hope. Yes! Never compare your life with others. Know this and know peace!

And then, when you receive your salary, eat good food and sleep very well.

In 2016, a man dropped dead immediately after collecting a thrift of 150k. He was a taxi driver who worked more than a wall clock. The money he saved for six months was lavished by some people who couldn’t imagine the hell he went through saving that money.

In all my research works, I have come to realize that, your job lives longer than you. And the fact remains that, YOU CAN ALWAYS BE REPLACED.

Work hard but don’t be worn out.  Dress well but don’t dress to ‘kill’. Rest well before you ‘rest in peace’. Sleep well before you wake no more.

Once in a while, take yourself out for shopping. Buy yourself gifts. Make yourself happy. Tell yourself nice things. Celebrate your achievements and live life to the fullest.

My brother and sister, don’t be selfish but PRIORITISE YOURSELF. Hear me well, Problems No Dey Finish!

Be contented. Do your best but don’t settle for less. Go extra length but never bite more than you can chew.

Trivialise your problems and give happiness an edge over worries. You only have this one life to live. Live peacefully so that you can leave peacefully. Put peace of mind above everything! Please!

If only you know how life moves quickly, you would thread with care. If only you know how fast dead people are forgotten, you would take a break. If only you know how temporal our stay on this planet is, you would take care of yourself.

Whether you like it or not, life will continue with or without you. Remember, the world did not start with your birth and it won’t end with your death!


Thanks and God bless.


Good day


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