Ants Are Everywhere – Which Type of Ant are you or do you Know?

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      💥LET’S LAUGH AWAY OUR STRESS WITH ANTS….They are Everywhere…. Around us😱🤷‍♂️🤪

      1. 5 ants + 5 ants = Tenants.
      2. To bring an ant from another country into your country = Important.
      3. Ant that goes to school and get Good grades = Brilliant.
      4. Ant that is looking for a job = Applicant.
      5. A spy ant = Informant.
      6. A very little ant = Infant.
      7. An ant that uses a gun = Militant.💪
      8. An ant that is a specialist in a Profession = Consultant😂
      9. A proud ant = Arrogant🤔
      10. An ant that is cruel and oppressive = Tyrant.🤖
      11. An ant that is friendly and lovely = Coolant.
      12. An ant that has changed from evil to good deeds = Repentant.
      13. An ant that accumulated so much food in summer for use in winter or 10-Ant that improves Property value = Abundant.
      14. An ant or 10-Ant that isn’t willing = Reluctant.
      15. An ant that keeps financial account = Accountant.
      16. An ant that occupies someone’s Property = Occupant.
      17. A huge ant = Giant.
      18. An ant that is important = Significant.
      19. An ant that has big legs = Elephant.
      20. A sarcastic ant = Mordant.
      21. An extremely fast ant = Instant.
      22. A noisy ant = Rant.
      23. An ant that doesn’t keep moving = Constant.
      24. A dirty ant or 10-Ant = Pollutant.
      25. An ant that annoys = Irritant.
      26. An ant that lacks knowledge= Ignorant
      27. An ant that can take anything without complaining= Tolerant
      28. An ant that wastes Services and Resources= Extravagant
      29. A very Careful and Cautious ant = Vigilant
      30. An ant that maintains good hygiene and odour = Deodorant😂
      31. An ant that finds it hard to move = Adamant😱
      32. An ant that refused to move = Redundant😰
      33. An ant that is into business = Merchant 🙌
      34. A Political ant = Aspirant
      35. An ant that sues someone to court or petitions against another= Complainant
      36. A happy ant = Jubilant.
      37. An ant that always oppose people and their views. = Antagonist
      38. An ant that counteracts or neutralizes acidity, especially in the stomach. =Antacid
      39. An ant that opposes all government = Antarchist
      40. An ant that enjoys looking at your private parts = Pant

      Don’t spoil the fun. Add yours.

      💥Best wishes to all English Language teachers…

      💥Which Type of Ant are you or do you Know🤷‍♂️?😀🤪

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