Ordinary Does Not Mean Invaluable


   Holandia Yogurt is expensive, but it does not quench thirst like “ordinary water.”

   O’level(WASC/SSCE) is just an ordinary Certificate but without it you can’t obtain a Degree, Masters and PhD.


   That thing called ‘ordinary’ does not mean it is not valuable.

   Water might be ‘Ordinary’, but without it, there is no life.

   Value ordinary people. They can save your life.

   Don’t be too proud to respond when your Gateman greets you.

   Don’t be too proud to adjust when that Junior Staff calls your attention to issues.

   Don’t be too proud to listen to the advice of your follower because, some of them are even better leaders. But you are only privileged.

   Don’t be too proud to listen to your subordinates as a leader because, you don’t know it all.

   If you treat the ordinary people in your life like garbage, you may die with your ailments.

   “Low-Class” People are not necessarily “Low Life” People.

   Who says you are better than that “Ordinary Person”?

   Those ordinary people were made by God and God has deposited in them strength and weakness.

   Don’t allow your pride to destroy you.


   WISDOM is profitable to direct and “When we do things together, we do it better.

I love ordinary people because no matter how high you perceive me to be, I am also ordinary to someone.

Let the living learn

This is food for thought, read it and digest it. Gud afternoon and GOD BLESS us all…

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