Who is Most Important Person to You? – A Question of Life



_One day, during an evening class for adults, the Sociology Teacher entered the class and told students, “Let’s all play a game!” “What Game?”_


_The Teacher asked one of the students to volunteer. A woman, *Comfort* came forward._

_The Teacher asked her to write 30 names of most important people in her life on blackboard. *Comfort* wrote names of her family members, relatives, friends, her colleagues and her neighbors._

_The Teacher told her to erase 3 names that Comfort considered most unimportant. Comfort erased names of her colleagues._


_The Teacher again told her to delete 5 more names. She erased her neighbor’s names. This went on until there were just four names left on the blackboard. These were names of her *mother, father, husband and the only son…*_

_The entire class became silent realizing that this wasn’t a game anymore for Comfort alone._

_Now, The Teacher told her to delete two more names. It was a very difficult choice for Aliza. She unwillingly deleted her parents names._


_“Please delete one more” said the Teacher. Comfort became very nervous and with trembling hands and tears in eyes she deleted her son’s name. Comfort cried painfully…The Teacher told her to take her seat._

_After a while Teacher asked, “Why your *husband*? The parents are the ones that nurtured you, and the son is the one you gave birth to?_

_And you can always find another husband!!!”_


_Total silence in the class. Everyone was curious to know her response. Comfort calmly and slowly said, *“One day my parents will pass away before me. My son may also leave me when he grows old, for his studies or business or whatever reason. The only one who will truly share his entire life with me, is my Husband”.*_

_All the students stood up and applauded her for sharing this truth of life._

_This is true and a fact of life. God created marriage for all and its a relationship for life._


_Always value your life partner, it’s not only for *husbands alone but wives* as well. God has United these two souls as one and it’s on you to nurture this relationship above all other relationship you have with friends, loved ones and family._

_Before marriage, God first, your family second but when married, God first and your husband or wife second._

_So as a Couple enjoy your marriage and make it healthy, truthful, peaceful, enjoying, religious, romantic and enviable!!!_

*H͓̽A͓̽P͓̽P͓̽Y͓̽ M͓̽A͓̽R͓̽R͓̽I͓̽E͓̽D͓̽ L͓̽I͓̽F͓̽E͓̽ T͓̽O͓̽ A͓̽L͓̽L͓̽ M͓̽A͓̽R͓̽R͓̽I͓̽E͓̽D͓̽ P͓̽E͓̽O͓̽P͓̽L͓̽E͓̽ O͓̽N͓̽ T͓̽H͓̽I͓̽S͓̽ P͓̽L͓̽A͓̽T͓̽F͓̽O͓̽R͓̽M͓̽*͓̽

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