Why is your woman not happy with you? Why is she easily angry, irritable,  depressed,  frustrated and very bitter towards you? Why did she lose respect for you in marriage? Why is she so emotionally,  hates sex and lost her charm?

1. YOU DON’T APPRECIATE HER: Some men are perfect complainers and critics. They believe praising a woman will make her head swell and misbehave,  even when she s slaving to death,  they will rather attack,  abuse,  complain,  criticize than appreciate her. If you are that type of man, you can never have a happy woman under your roof. A simple “Thank you”,” You are doing a great job”, “It’s great having you in my life” will do a great magic and turn your marriage around. Learn to appreciate your wife when she goes out of her way to please you. She will be happy and that gloom in your marriage will automatically disappear.

2. YOU DON’T LISTEN TO HER: We are communication beings. I mean women love to talk,  be listened to and well understood. When you are too busy to communicate with her, look into her eyeball and let her know she is the most important person to you after God,  you will have a frustrated,  depressed wife. We understand you can be so busy and needs time to unwind and think,  yes! We know but don’t make a habit of ignoring your wife. She needs to talk to her daily.

3. YOU CHEAT ON HER: Double dating is not allowed in courtship,  if you cheat on her,  she will end it. Chasing side chicks,  having emotional/sexual chats with other women may make your wife lose her mind. No wife will ever be happy with an adulterer. Stop it now and work on your marriage or you may end up divorced.

4. YOU DON’T ADMIRE  HER: Some men will look at their very beautiful wife,  acknowledge her beauty and attractiveness but to open their mouths and say it is big problem. Some men need to be taught how to admire their women. Learn to open your mouth and tell your wife she’s beautiful daily. No man out there should do that for you,  it’s your job. Admire her when she makes effort to look good for you. Admire her hair,  body and natural endowments. Admire her uniqueness. Open your mouth and tell her. Women need to hear this as often as possible. Any time hubby tells me I’m so beautiful,  well endowed and irresistible, I can’t help blushing. My day is made!

5. YOU RUSH IN AND OUT OF SEX: Little or no foreplay will leave her dry and uninterested. Rushing in and rushing out of sex is a killer of sexual intimacy in marriage. Learn to be romantic. Be patient with her,  take things slowly till she is ready for intercourse. Do not roll over and sleep when it is over. Pull her in your arms. Let her sleep in your arms. There is nothing as blissful as sleeping in my husband’s arms, let your wife sleep in your arms.


You sit in front of TV with remote in hand and a tooth pick in between your teeth while your wife is slaving in the kitchen,  changing diapers,  helping your kids with assignment,  answering phone calls from clients,  sweeping the apartment,  preparing for the next day work. That’s very bad. Your wife works as much as you do if not more. Learn to assist your woman at home. Don’t turn her to your maid,  don’t watch her die of stress,  don’t make her look older than you.

7. YOU COMPARE HER WITH OTHER WOMEN. That’s a shame. If you love her the way those women’s husbands love them,  she will be more virtuous than them all. Stop comparing your wife with women you don’t know their weaknesses. If their husbands tell you their other side they have been enduring you will thank God for yours. The grass always look greener on the other side. Stop being covetous. Work on your marriage and have a better wife.


8. YOU CORRECT HER IN PUBLIC: Nothing embarrasses a woman more like her husband correcting or shouting at her in public. It is demeaning and very babyish. Every form of correction should take place in the house before stepping out and if at all you must correct as a matter of urgency,  call her aside and speak to her softly,  maturely and discreetly. You will earn her honour for protecting her image,  she will respect you more and be happy with you.


This is wrong. You are not joined to your mother but your wife. You are not one with your mum but your wife. Some men don’t understand the language of leaving and cleaving. You leave every form of emotional intimacy with your parents and bond with your wife. You should talk first to your wife not your mum when making decisions. Both of you should speak with one voice to your mum. Some men even leave the home running of their marriage to the mother and treat their wives like slaves in her marriage. No woman will ever be happy with you in that kind of arrangement -never!



How can a woman ever be happy with a husband who spends all his money on himself and his extended family members and little or nothing on his wife and children. These men appear nice,  very generous,  philanthropic outside but inside,  the woman is suffering,  hungry and indebted. The rent is in arrears,  children are sent home for school fees,  debtors are harass to to bless him,  but the tears of the wife and children are cursing him. Your wife’s curse will work faster than all the supposed blessings you expect from your eye service. Charity begins at home. Your wife and children are more important than others. Take care of them first before taking care of outsiders. When your family is happy,  well fed and clothed,  they will be happy and bless you. People will bless you for helping you. God will also bless you abundantly.

Learn to put first things first. When your wife is happy with you,  your life will run smoothly,  doors of favour will open to you and you will increase in health,  wealth and prosperity.


Do not make your wife unhappy,  it will affect your marriage.

May the good Lord help you to be the best husband in the world to your wife.

Thanks for reading. God bless you. Cheers!


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