Men's double standard on social media.

*Men’s double standard on social media.*

Subhanallah! my fellow brothers let’s fear Allah. A man told his wife not to use social media and if she does, she is divorced. Months later, she discovered that he is using social media. That is the least, compared to what she discovered later. Her husband was having extramarital affairs on social media. The worst part is, he was doing it with both married and unmarried women.

The truth is most men who don’t want their wives and daughters to go on social media are trying to outsmart nature. Which is impossible. They know how they are using the platform to destroy other people’s families but they don’t want the same ruin to come to them.


Here is the truth, Karma is a b**ch. Kama Tudin Tudan ( What goes around comes around). This is the promise of Allah. If you do it with someone else’s daughter or wife, surely they will do to your daughter, mother, or wife. In some narration, the Prophet says, they will do it with the wall of your house if you dont have anyone in your family. So stop running from the decree of Allah. If you dont want it, stop doing it on others. And stop putting restrictions on your wives for selfish reasons.

Assalamu Alaikum.

*Dear Cheating men,*


It is not fair and befitting for you as leaders and controllers of a whole family to keep your family in hunger or difficulties or manageable life, which outside, you spend a lot of money on prostitutes or some strange girl you met on Facebook or Instagram. Wallahi this is not fair.

Most of you, your wives have been very patient because they sympathize with you and understand your situation (financial status). But when you go outside, you spend your last penny on a whore. Your little girls are at home starving, probably you haven’t gotten them any gifts for years. But you have money to buy some useless gifts for a whore.


By Allah (wallahi), your wealth will not be blessed if you choose that path. The best gifts are the ones we give to our family. A man went to the Prophet and told him that he has a big farm and he wants to donate it to the Muslim ummah. The Prophet asked him, don’t you have a family? He replied, Yes I have. Then go and give to your family first before outsiders. The family earns you more rewards. (Sahih Bukhari)

Therefore, I urge men to fear Allah and do the right thing. Your wives are the ones suffering at home while raising your children, not that prostitute on your Messenger. Your wives are busy building a home for you in this world and in Jannah. That prostitute is only building you a place in Hellfire. Fear Allah before it is too late for you. Enough is enough. Turn to your family. Leave those prostitutes.

Assalamu Alaikum.

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