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In our contemporary time, the rate at which many men joke with marriage in the name of “women are many” is dangerous and disturbing. May be what we would be doing now is to place a curse in between before weddings can be conducted. For Allāh’s sake, we all have sisters. We are now having daughters. AlhamduliLlah. If we keep quiet on this common problem, we would all be at the receiving end.

Why would a man divorce a woman few weeks or months into a marriage on the ground that he never loved her from day 1, after consumation. Yes, divorce is permissible. But the reasons for it must be genuine and reasonable. If you dislike her after she had accepted your proposal, please find a way of leaving her before the marriage is conducted and consumated. Your case will be fair. She would move on. Hence the saying, what you will not eat, don’t smell it, talk more of tasting it.

So, a woman is now like a sweet (lollipop ) that if you don’t like its taste, you can drop and pick another one? Is this what our world has become? SubhanAllah. Even if the woman doesn’t curse such a man, will Allah be happy with him? You can call this feminism or anything you like. Allāh sees my intention and He knows I have seen real cases of this nature.

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Finally, sisters, open your eyes very well. Don’t be blinded by sweet tongues. Don’t fall for pretenders who are only waiting for you to enter before they begin to display their real nature. Allāh is so Great. He would show you some signals. Don’t ignore them in the name of love. The real love is in the marriage when you will both have nothing to hide from one another. May Allah guide our sons, brothers, sisters and daughters towards the right decision in this regard.

©️Ibn Abdillah As-sudaisiy Al-Iloori

20th June, 2021

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