Divorce and Children – Summary

Common Behavior Issues in Kids When Parents Are Divorcing
Here are some behavior problems kids may experience during divorce. It helps to be aware of these issues.

Common Effects of Divorce on Older Children
How does divorce effect older children? Learn more here.

Common Effects of Divorce on Teens
Here’s how divorce can affect teenagers.


Common Effects of Divorce on Younger Children
How does divorce commonly affect younger children? Find out here.

Common Psychological Issues with Kids When Parents Are Divorcing
Read this to learn more about common psychological issues kids experience when parents are divorcing.

Factors That Influence Who Gets Custody
Divorce and children: What factors influence custody decisions? Learn more here.


Mistakes to Avoid during Divorce
Avoid these mistakes during your divorce.

Signs That a Child Needs Extra Help
Signs that your child needs extra help getting through your divorce.

Tips for Dealing with Parenting Issues after Divorce
Tips for dealing with parenting issues after a divorce.


Tips on How to Tell the Kids That You Are Getting Divorced
How do you tell the kids that you’re getting a divorce? These tips will help.

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