Don’t rub the children of their childhood. Let them grow at their pace.


Don’t rub the children of their childhood. Let them grow at their pace.

I was contacted to take a private coaching session with a child who was going to clock 8years in June. Guess what, the child is already in JSS2 now battling with childishness and foundational setbacks.

After interrogating the child, I found out she was just being pushed. Double promotion everywhere. Not like the child is super intelligent like that oh.

The implication of all these rush and double promotion will lead to tampering with the developmental stage of the child.

Do we also know that each primary textbook was tailored according to the child’s mental, emotional and psychological development.

So when we rush them or do the double promotion thing, we are also skipping the mental and psychological development.

We keep looking at the cognitive domain. What of the affective and other domains involved in learning.

It’s really pathetic.


That a child is intelligent is not enough reason to give a double promotion or rush the child. I don’t even know who started this double promotion of a thing.

You can’t cheat nature, a child remains a child no matter what.

When I see parents complain that their kids in Jss1&2 are still behaving like a baby… I just laugh.

Why won’t they behave like babies, when they were still babies in the first place.

Oh, I just heard that “my child is the first to finish” is becoming a competition among parents. Hence, the urge to rush their kids.




I’m not even going to pretend like all is well with this practice. Let’s call a spade a spade.

I woke up to the incessant call of a parent who wants their 8years old son to write common entrance. So they want a private tutor.

The child is in basic 4 and would be skipping basic 5 and basic 6. I simply told them I won’t be a party to such a rush, they should get another private tutor.

So I’m literally angry with this practice. Stop killing the child!


A child’s brain is not fully developed until age 10.

So each time you send a child below that age to secondary school, you are sending an underdeveloped child and also adding to the stress of the teacher.

I don’t care how highly intelligent the child is, that child is still a child.


I’m tired! Teachers are tired! We are tired!

That’s why we have teenagers who can’t cope with peer pressure.

They are everywhere, just one month or one week with someone and they are influenced negatively.


We made them so! The rush was unnecessary. They skipped the part of mental, emotional and psychological development.





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