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      Alade Emmanuel

      A real man does not like it when:

      1. His wife doubts him and lacks trust in him
      2. His wife steps on his masculinity
      3. When she is unsatisfied with what he is providing for her
      4. When she is wasteful with his money
      5. When she refuses to obey him in what Allāh has permitted
      6. When she repeatedly argues with him
      7. When she is lax with strange men

      These are general, but I am sure we can come up with more. The husband’s rights over his wife are the top priority.

      Real masculine men love feminine women.

      Ordinary males, on the other hand, will take whatever the woman hits them with. They will be at their mercy. They allow their physical desires to put them at that low level.

      There has to be respect and cooperation in a marriage. Brothers, if you are proposing to a woman, don’t let the novelty and thrill blind you, think hard and deep about the future consequences.

      The red flags to watch for are if they ask for a ridiculous dowry, a lavish wedding and constant arguing and bickering.

      Other red flags are when they don’t want to give your preferences any importance let alone listen to you or show any interest in what you like.

      Marriage is a long-term commitment, so be sure to study it closely.

      May Allāh grant you all righteous spouses and children.

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