A Stranger Living With You Unknowingly – True Life Story

Do you know someone, a complete stranger who may even be harmful, might be living in the same house with you? Imagine you going to bed alone at night only to find out someone, a stranger is inside your house?

On a small street, a mentally deranged dude popularly known as Charlie who was always seen roaming around and causing trouble suddenly went missing.

 People didn’t pay attention to his sudden disappearance, rather they heaved a sigh of relief because the dude was constituting a nuisance on the street. 

He was always frightening kids, teens and even adults and one of his favorite pass time was stealing chickens, goats and anything he could lay his hands on. So his disappearance was a source of relief for everyone.

Now there was this family, husband and wife living on that same street. The couple both had white collar jobs, so they were constantly out of their houses atleast 7am everyday to return in the evening after they have both closed from work and picked their two kids from school.

The Mrs suddenly began to notice strange occurrences in the house. For example there was one morning she cooked beans that would serve as dinner for the family when they returned home in the evening, surprisenly they got home that evening and the beans was barely enough to go round.

Another time she came home and her gas burner was warm, someone had been cooking in her Kitchen. She searched round the house but she already knew it was ridiculous for her to search knowing fully well that the doors and the burglary proof were all intact.

Food was disappearing rapidly, both cooked and raw foods. Sometimes they would return and meet their bathroom wet like someone had just taken their bath. She tried to tell her husband about the strange things she has been noticing but he laughed it off and said she was paranoid.

One fateful week day she took ill and couldn’t go to work, so her husband left with the kids in the morning while she stayed home to rest. She was in her room when she heard a loud bang like someone had just hit the ground, she began to shiver.

She walked stealthily to check the source of the noise only for her to discover that Charles the mad man that has been missing for sometime was infact living in their home and sharing everything with them. Charles was living inside their ceiling. The part which they left open incase they had any reason to go into the roof to fix something.

She wanted to scream but she knew it will be a bad idea, Charles thought they were all out as usual so he wanted to help himself to their food and drinks like he always did. The Mrs stumbled to her room quietly and called her husband to come, she told him what she had just witnessed with shaky voice. Charles heard her whispers and he came to the room to grab her. 

She started to scream when he reached for her but thankfully her husband had already alerted the street vigilantes. They broke into the home just in time to stop Charles from harming her.


Charles was beaten to within an inch of his life before he was thrown out on the street. He died two days later from the injuries he sustained.

Check the vacant room you hardly use in your house, check the empty gate man house, check your wardrobe, check behind the curtains, check under the table, check your roof, infact check everywhere checkable. You can never be too careful when it comes to your safety.

Be vigilant.


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