The Age-Long Plan To Take Lagos Away From Yorubas Still Ongoing

The Age-Long Plan To Take Lagos Away From Yorubas Still Ongoing .


Very deep. I am also sometimes worried. The Jagaban is guilty too.  During his tenure as governor, he appointed an Igbo as Commissioner for Budget and Planning. He appointed Igbo as Permanent Secretaries. 20% of teachers in Lagos state schools were Igbo. There sere 5 Igbos in the State House of Assembly with one of them trying to sponsor a bill that would make English the only language in the State Assembly. Two Igbos were elected as Members of the House of Reps, representing Lagos in Abuja…


They then tempted Jimmy Agbaje of PDP. They asked him to sign an undertaking before Igbos could  vote for him.

 They wanted:

1. 35% of all new recruitments into Lagos civil and, teaching serviced and all Agencies

2. 35% of Permanent Secretaries in Alausa.

3. Three Igbo Commissioners to be appointed and given key portfolios like Finance, Lands and Establishment.

4. The Igbo Eze of Lagos to be a upgraded to First Class Oba and admitted into the Lagos State Council of Traditional Rulers.

They claimed they produced 65% of the States tax revenue (their man was Commissioner for Budget and Planning).

Could you believe that Jimmy Agbaje actually accepted all these in his desperate determination to be Governor after Tinubu?

It was the reason the angry Oba of Lagos rebuked and threatened that he would drive all Igbos into the Atlantic Ocean if they didn’t vote for Fashola.

In all sincerity, the Yoruba in Lagos need to take proper ownership and charge of the city

I’m started that they  have started.  After the threat of Oba of Lagos and the failure of Agbaje, Uzor Orji Kalu was rude to the Oba of Lagos. He said Lagos was no- man’s-land. The lousy Igbo senator said Lagos was a mangrove forest. That it was the Igbos who developed Lagos…

Fashola sent his team to check the status of the payment of land use charge of Kalu in his houses in Parkview and Lekki.

 He was owing N15m. Fashola’s men sealed both houses.

 They gave Kalu two weeks to pay or the houses would be demolished.  He shouted on TV and took newspaper pages to complain of victimisation. He went to court. He sent emissaries to Fashola. No respite. A day to the deadline, bulldozers moved and parked in front of the sealed houses. Kalu rushed down from his Eastern forest ghetto to pay. . He then knew that Lagos was not a no-man’s- land..

Lagosians and Yorubas in general should exert more authority on Lagos, otherwise we may become minorities in our homeland.

NB: Those of you who want to vote for non Yoruba presidential candidates in next year elections should be very careful and have a rethink. This is not a campaign for Tinubu at all, far from it.

 It is a campaign of sensitisation for the survival and PROTECTION OF ALL YORUBA LANDS and her endowments and natural resources. Nigeria is a country made up of different Nations with individual’s pursuits of her own agenda. Some of these nationalities are  envious of Yorubas because of the nature of Lagos, its location and position among other factors, and would wish  history is falsified in order to change the demographic status of Lagos from being a Yoruba land to become, ” a no- man’s-land” as they call it.  That is, indirectly changing it to become their own. It has been a long time ambition and aim which must not be allowed to happen.

Please, don’t allow yourself to be deceived or fooled once again.

Enough is Enough!

Please, share widely until this piece reaches every Yoruba sons and daughters in Nigeria and everywhere in the world.

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