Ten ways to keep and be at peace with rich relatives and friends

Ten ways to keep and be at peace with rich relatives and friends.

1. Don’t become their friends over what you can get from them.

2.  What they have is not yours. Never forget that.

3. They not only deserve whatever they own but also deserve to keep it.

4. Don’t ever moralize what they have. You didn’t give it to them.

5. Helping you in your time of difficulties does not make them good or bad people. Just focus on yourself.

6. Be considerate & fair to them, they’re humans facing problems just like everyone.


7. Don’t look at them & concentrate on what you can take. You didn’t keep anything, it’s only sensible to not focus on things you haven’t kept.

8. Don’t make moral judgments of how they choose to use their money. Where they spend their money, who they give their money & how they spend their money is none of your business.

9. They don’t owe you their time. Whenever they tell you, they ain’t available, accept it & move on. No need to snivel.


10. Whatever they have, they have a right to use however they deem fit without asking for your opinion, know & accept this.

To sum it up, be friends with rich people without putting your own expectations on them. Rich people need things too.

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