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Loving for Islam

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Love……Alhamdulilah for Islam

I decided to make this post because I was able to convince someone (a non Muslim) on why sometimes, Men are not destined to marry one wife. She gave me some money as an eye opener. She said “I never thought of it this way, thank God I met you. Most of your illustrations and analysis is exactly what I experienced in life. Today, I know better”

How it happened: I picked her up at Iwo road, Ibadan, our trip is to Best Western Hotel, iyaganku. She already made her bookings for her business trip.

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My Beards caught her attention and she stuck up a conversation on how I was able to keep such long beards. She was actually indifferent about it but she doesn’t like Muslims. I inquired about her reasons and it was simple…Muslims …they can have more than one wife. I just smiled. she used the normal slangs to discredit us…Mee lo’lohun wi..

I just smiled at her and I told her there are many reasons beyond  human comprehension why Men are designed by Allah to marry more than one wife. She argued and she said …convince me of your reasons. If you are able to, maybe I can change my mindset.

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I started by saying….let’s leave sentiments and religions out. Let’s face reality starring at us. Here are few reality facts

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1. Women’s population outnumbered the population of men. My last statistical report shows the ratio of 7:1 in some parts of the world. In literal terms it means that for every seven girls born on this world, a man is born. This simply mean ceteris paribus…A man should have seven wives for every woman to have a Husband…..


She took out her phone and googled it. She wanted to know the worlds population distribution, birth rate and death rate Vis a vis male and females… I don’t know what she found but she was shocked at the report

2. Death rate…Men die early at every stage. Female child  have stronger immunity at birth than that male child. A female child would survive different infections and diseases that the male child couldn’t survive. She argued again and visited google for fact….. Once again,  she kept mute. I continued by saying …imagine the low ratio of male births…now compare it with high death rates of the male to different infections and diseases…this means that, if we factor in the death rate of a male child, we no longer have our initial birth ratio of 1:7…we now have a ratio of 1:9. She couldn’t dispute this. We continued…

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3. Some men are gay….Facts have shown that some Men are not interested in women…When a man refuses to have a woman, there are about nine ladies that wouldn’t get married. Now imagine a man marrying a man…it means 18 more ladies are now left for their fate…well, these are some of the reasons we now have lesbianism.. Even at that, we know they still need men. She looked at me and took a deep breath….it seems my lectures are getting to her

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4. Wars….We know many married men are in the military. Anyone that is conversant with international news knows the number of men that dies in Wars…what happens to their wives? Apart from that…all hard works are done by men… They are the truck drivers..they are the mountain climbers..they are the one engage in climbing our masts …all these risky jobs are done by men…now imagine a tanker accident that claims 20 lives…how many women do you think will be there?… She took a deep breath again and shake her head

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5. Crimes… Men have more liver of committing crime than women. Armed robbers, scammers, 419s thieves are mostly men..many have been caught and are now in jail. What happens to their wives? Do you think they will just be there doing nothing to other peoples husbands? We must be joking

6. Addicts…. Have you checked the population of addicts we have around and see how the male child is surrendering to drugs and landing themselves in psychiatric homes? She looked at dumbfounded. It was all facts

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Now back to Islam…Islam doesn’t even force anyone to have more than one wife. Islam only advises those who are capable to have more than one and not more than 4. Imagine the difference that such man has made

She told me …she also discovered her boyfriend was actually a gay and how she got to know. She had to quit it…and ….she just cried and that when I realised I have touched her emotionally.

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She sent some money to my account and sent many appreciation

Conclusion: dear Muslim ladies….help out another Muslim sister by letting them have your husband. Don’t frown at it…don’t go against it. Accepting your husband to have another wife have many rewards in the face of Allah than what you can think… Paradise… Remember….we are not living in this earth rather we are just passing by to the other world…we all gonna die someday… Why don’t we make out the best of it?

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Dear Muslim Men….when Allah gives you knowledge, risq, strength…. Take another wife. This lecture affects me too as I see myself not enough to take the second wife ….

Women…if you are financially OK ….let us know we can marry you.. For some men who are not…at least they will be a good father …

I’m open to critics… I’m a student of knowledge

Ma salaam


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