Maintain Your Spouse to Sustain Your Kids

For the married and those in the queue……An aged father asked his grown up daughter a simple question:

“What is the most important thing in your life, beti?

She replied, “Daddy, it is the kids !!! They mean everything to me”..


He then turned and asked his son-in-law the same question, he also (beaming with pride) said : “It is the kids of course; they are the reason why I work so hard to ensure they have a better life”

“Well said, my children. I don’t mean to intrude on how to run your family life, but I believe there is a fundamental error you will need to correct. I have observed how much you both love your kids and dedicate all your time for them…

“I have observed that almost all your conversation borders mostly on the kids.”


The couple nodded in admission to the assertion.

He continued, “I am a poultry farmer, and the biggest egg supplier in my district. I make my money by the quantity of eggs sold. That said, my priority has always been providing optimal care for the chicken. Because, I know that when the chicken are healthy and productive, the eggs will automatically be bountiful.

If I start to ignore the chicken, the eggs will also suffer.”


He pointed to his son-in-law and said, “as a husband, the most important person in your life should be your wife and vice versa. It cannot be the kids. They are just products of the marriage”.

If you learn to take care of each other very well, your kids will grow up healthy, happy and well-adjusted, but if you ignore each other, brace yourself up for dysfunctional kids in the future.

”The two of you are the foundation of this family. If you suffer any crack, the whole house will go down. So please make time for yourself and treat each other as PRIORITY and the kids will be just fine.”

“This has been the secret of the fruitful union between your Mother and Myself for over 50 years till death took her from me.”

The old man’s eyes welled up with tears at this stage. He thanked the couple for their time and excused himself.

If care is not taken, this magical connection gets weakened, thereby opening up a marriage to all sorts of strange elements !!


Let kids observe that your spouse means the world to you and if you are to choose between them and your spouse, it will always be your spouse.

Give the kids the love and attention they deserve but not at the cost of neglecting each other.

It is your marriage that will sustain your kids, not vice versa. The kids are just the bonus.


Talking Helps… Talking Heals

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