We have Dowen Colleges in our homes, in our environments, everywhere!

He’s, when you as a parent is beating the house help like an animal, that child of yours is watching and learning.

When you are bragging, “I will kill you and nothing will happen” your child’s subconscious mind is recording this.

When you keep on defending and denying your child’s misbehaviour at home and elsewhere instead of scolding and beating the demon out of him or her early enough, you are rearing a potential monster.

When you boast in front of your children how you dealt with this person or that person, they are learning from you…

Meanwhile, always encourage your children to speak up and speak out no matter what. Don’t always be in a haste to shout them down and assume you know what they wanted to say or why.

If a child in boarding school starts developing cold feet on the day he should be going back to school, please don’t dismiss it with, “he or she is missing us already”. There may be a more serious reason.

If a child suggests a change of school, please try and find out why. Create that atmosphere of freedom so that your children will be able to tell you things.


Remember, in that elite school you are sending your children to, are also children of kidnappers, bandits, armed robbers, ‘mkpulu mili’ sellers and users, domestic violent men and women, touts, e.t.c who have made money from their various illicit ways and can afford the fees.

To some parents, boarding schools are training grounds for future leaders. To others, it’s a correctional centre for badly raised children. Know this and be on guard always.

Condolences to the family of Sylvester Oromoni.

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