*A man, who regularly attended community meetings suddenly without any notice stopped participating.*

*After a few weeks, one very cold night the leader of that Group decided to visit him*.

*He found the man at home, alone, sitting in front of a fireplace where a bright fire burned.*

*The man welcomed the Leader. There was a great silence.*

*The two Men only watched the dancing flames around the logs that crackled in the fireplace.*

Motion Sickness in Children

*After a few minutes the Leader, without saying a word, examined the woods that formed the fire and selected one of them, glowing most brightly of all, removing it to the side with a pair of tongs. Then he sat down again.*

*The host was paying attention to everything, fascinated. Before long, the lone Member flame subsided, until there was only a momentary glow & the fire soon went out.*

*In a short time what was previously bright light and heat had become nothing more than a black & dead piece of wood.*

Tips on How to Tell the Kids That You Are Getting Divorced

*Very few words had been spoken since the greeting.*

*Before preparing to leave, the leader with the tongs picked up the useless piece of wood & placed it again in the middle of the fire. Immediately, the member piece of wood was rekindled, fueled by the light & heat of the burning coals around him.*

*When the leader reached the door to leave, the host said: Thank you for your visit and for your beautiful lesson. I’ll return to the group soon.*

Common Behavior Issues in Kids When Parents Are Divorcing

*Why is a Group important? Very simple:*

*Because each member that withdraws takes fire & heat from the rest.*

*It’s worth reminding group members that they are a part of the flame.*

*It’s also good to remind us that we are all responsible for keeping each other’s flame burning*

*And we must promote the union among us so that the fire is really strong, effective and lasting*.


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*It doesn’t matter if sometimes we are bothered by so many messages, quarrels, misunderstanding etc*.

*What matters is to be connected. We are here to meet, learn, exchange ideas or simply to know that we are not alone.*

*Let’s keep the flame Alive.*

*Life is Beautiful with good Friends & Family*


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