Raising Your Children is My Business


I want to tell everyone that it is my business how you raise your children.

And it should also be your business how I raise mine if you are a parent indeed.

It is my business because, your ill-parented children will corrupt other children, including mine.

It is my business because, you may raise more hoodlums, prostitutes, drug addicts, rapists, etc., in addition to the ones we already have in the society; thereby making the environment more unconducive and unsafe for everyone.

It is my business because you may raise bullies and send them to the same school where normal children are.

And we cannot afford to continue losing innocent children to untamed bulldogs who pretend to be students


It is my business because I am praying to be a father-in-law tomorrow and I don’t know who my child will bring home to me.

What if fate brings them together with your ill-parented son or daughter, whom you have craftily taught the art of deceit and pretence?

Wouldn’t that mean that I may spend the rest of my life in bitterness watching my son or daughter going through pains in their marriage?


How you parent your children is my business because, every intentionally parented child is a special gift from God to humanity.

Who knows whether that child you are spoiling or neglecting today would be my destiny-helper tomorrow?

Don’t tell me to mind my business when you are raising charlatans who will waste, rather than save lives in our hospitals; traumatise, rather than teach students/pupils in our schools; profane, rather than glorify the name of God in religious organizations, and cause havoc in every sector of the society, which all of us are meant to coexist in.

Stop telling me to mind my business because I am a stakeholder in the upbringing of every child born in this time and season.

Every intentional parent knows that we are all stakeholders in the raising of the next generation.

Posterity will judge us if we see or hear evil and keep mute.


Therefore, my fellow intentional parents, the next time anyone tells you that, how they parent their children is not your business, calmly use these points and other points your intentional-parenting instincts will give you at that instant to educate such ignorant fellows….

Happy Parenting and stay guided!


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