Is Lagos A No-man's-land

Our Elders talk about the man who was jump into the river. He had only tried putting out one leg when a crocodile jumped out of the water and snapped its mouth at his leg.

I will continue to say these things so it can be drilled into your ears and you won’t say you were never told.

The jigsaw gets assembled everyday and it becomes very clear that I am right.

1. ABUJA was completely scratched out of the FOREST.

That place was a FOREST.

The Military Leaders of that Era looked at the Map of Nigeria, circled a place that they fancied as the Center of the Country, a place which conveniently fell into Northern Nigeria, and decided it was going to be the new Federal Capital Territory.


And it became so.

A master plan was designed for the city and money started flowing into the place. The money came mainly from the Oil Wealth of the Niger Delta.

In less than 20years, it was already a mighty and beautiful city, brand new and pride of the Nation.


People started moving there.

The city is now overflowing into nearby Niger and Nassarawa States.

Since that FCT got created till this day, I haven’t heard of a Minister of the FCT  who wasn’t from the NORTH.

Infact, in recent times they have always been NORTHERN MUSLIMS.

The Igbos naturally have a very extensive presence in that city just as much as they have in Lagos and other cities in Nigeria.

The ZIONISTS are also there.

 But the  ZIONISTS HAVE NEVER DARED to call it a No-Man’s Land.

Infact, the EndSars Movement got a rude awakening when it tried to replicate the Lagos show on Abuja.

They were quickly reminded of the OWNERSHIP OF ABUJA.


2. I have been to Kano and Kaduna severally. If you go to the area called Sabon Gari in Kano, you could confuse it for any area in the Lagos Suburbs.

The majority of the population there are Igbos.

The ZIONISTS are also there.

They have NEVER DARED to call Kano or Kaduna a No-Man’s Land.

In those areas, right under their noses, the Kano People Instituted Shari’a and Constituted the Hisbah Police to enforce it on the land.

Liberties are limited.


Everybody is gentle.

They don’t behave any how and they won’t even begin to dream Political dreams there.

You sit gently where they want you to sit!


3. In Enugu, the IGBO man from IMO STATE knows his limits

At some point each of the SE States were flushing out Non-Indigenes from their civil service not minding that they were Igbos from Neighbouring states.

Governor Akeredolu’s wife tried to show herself in her home state of Imo. She was quickly educated of the limitations of her Rights.

In Anambra particularly, it was so bad that they wouldn’t even allow Bianca, the very wife/widow of Ikemba Emeka Ojukwu any space to excel.

She couldn’t contest the Election in Anambra State.

She’s from Enugu and had no such previlege in Anambra State.


You can then imagine the fate of a Non-Igbo in the South-East States.


4. But the story has to Change in the SOUTH-WEST, Lagos in particular.


Yorubas are a liberal People. We are actually open-minded fools.

First, Lagos is declared No-Mans Land.

The ZIONISTS have been working tirelessly in the last 40years moving IGBO population strategically into the SW,  Lagos State in particular.

That has gone to very advanced stages now

They have successfully altered the demographics of Lagos.

Now, they have begun to drag the land and Rights of Indigene with you.


They know you are liberal [ Foolish ] People so they will play the EXACT game of Azikiwe

They will tell you it’s “One Nigeria”,.”We are brothers”  and that the constitution of course guarantees freedom of movement and equal rights for all Citizens.

They will tell you that afterall there is one Kemi contesting in Britain as PM and there is one Chukwuemeka who is Mayor in America.

They will tell you that “afterall we are in Cotonou, Kenya, etc”

They just can’t tell you that you can’t get same Things and Rights applied to you in the SE and other regions.



It is their calculation that once Lagos is had, it will be a matter of moving upwards.

They narrows in on Bola Tinubu who has been a clog in the wheel of their advancement. They have to remove him.

They are working on “assisting” the Yorubas to remove ” Thiefnubu” as they have tagged him.


They wiped up the Internet and social media having realized the potent powers therein since the time of EndSars. They began to massage the Ego of Yemi Osinbajo. His image was enlarged beyond proportion and his capacity projected above the reality.

They managed to catch his attention and he fell for it. The same social media frenzy caught Rauf Aregbesola who was already growing out of himself.

Yemi Osinbajo caught Dapo Abiodun of Ogun State and together they began to plot against Bola Tinubu, their benefactor.

The result of their activities contributed to what happened at the Osun Guber.

The ZIONISTS have since abandoned Yemi Osinbajo and moved to Plan B – Peter Obi.

Now bolstered by the Osun results they will move into Lagos to INFLUENCE the election.


It doesn’t matter who gets Lagos as long as he isn’t from Tinubu’s Camp.  As a matter of fact they will be more willing to help the more useless Candidates, even imbeciles,  to win. It will eventually help their own cause.

The ZIONISTS have over the decades ensured that the Igbos probably constitute more a quarter of Lagos Population. It’s going to be a matter of placing that voter population anywhere they wish to place it.

They first attempted this format in 2015 when they tried to upstage that balance for Jimi Agbaje.


Agbaje had entered a deal with them,  promised them half of Lagos.

By 2023, the plan is going to be different.

They have a POLITICAL ZIONISM already in play. It is in the thing they deceptively call Odibients. That Movement is going to RALLY the Igbos of Lagos  in a way that they haven’t ever been rallied.


The priority is to remove Tinubu first. In future they will call the shot.

This is what Peter Obi is all about. He has no.plans for any Presidency.


I can imagine that the ZIONISTS already have their IPOB/UGM all over the places in Lagos, in the Garrisons called Markets, under cover, masquerading as Igbo traders.

I can imagine that they will be heavily armed on that day of 2023 Lagos Guber Elections.

Our FOOLISH YORUBA PEOPLE will mistake the whole process for a simple and innocent revolution to remove Bola Tinubu’s influence in Lagos. It is the way ENDSARS got hijacked from them. Yoruba interests and areas were hurt but igbo markets and areas were preserved.


Our people have been told that “Tinubu is a thief” who has to be brought down.

The ZIONISTS will assist our YORUBA People to remove him.

The deal will be POWER SHARING.


The ZIONISTS will demand Power Sharing in Lagos until it will become 50-50 with the Yorubas and even Lagosians themselves.

Before you know it there will be an Igbo Governor of Lagos State. They will say ” so what? It doesn’t matter”. But not even an IMO man will ever try it in ANAMBRA let alone a YORUBA dreaming of Councillorship in Nnewi.

It is the same way Azikiwe tried to assist the YORUBA NCNC to takeover WESTERN REGION until NCNC became an Igbo Party.


It is just the same way the Fulani Uthman Dan Fodio assisted the Hausas to depose their then Rulers. The Hausas have been slaves on their lands since then.

The same way Fulani Alimi assisted Afonja to confront his Aláàfin. Ilorin hasn’t been returned to the Yorubas ever since.

They will assist you to DESTROY YOUR LEADERS and then return to DESTROY YOU.

That is the game plan.

It is a repeat of History.

It has so many precedents, Palestine isn’t too long ago.


But it will continue sound unbelievable, crude, Tribalist, Bigoted etc UNTIL IT IS DONE.

 The ZIONISTS are in the race with the JIHADISTS by the way.

They are basically on the same mission but going through different routes and methods.

©️ Adedamola Adetayo

          17 July 2022

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