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Anger in Society

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Anger in Society

Anger in society has been ongoing since the beginning of humankind’s first bad decision. We look back through our history and see that anger has played a large role in society. We can also see that anger continues as the year’s progress, since more and more people are getting mad. There have been a number of children reports around American where the child interrupted a life due to anger. The list continues to grow out of reach as the days continue to create more burdens on the life of us all. We have the government making countless of mistakes, the religious leaders all confused in what is right and what is wrong, and the society that has their own set of rules and regulations.

Is it any wonder the whole world has not gone mad. We all face problems each day, some of us more than others do. We are all subjects to anger since it is an emotion we all have. There is not one time in our lives that we all have not exploded. We may have yelled at the neighbor, a best friend, spouse, child or even our dog. We all are angry at some point in our lives. The deal is learning how to cope with anger. Anger can make you or break you. In other words, your success depends on how you control your anger.

In this article, I am going to tell you how to deal with anger when you are dealing with society, the justice system, religion, or other sources. Now, this article is only intended for an audience of people that are mad as hell because of someone else’s actions. For example, if you were a victim to an assault and the justice system failed, then you are mad as hell. This is ok, since you have the right to be angry. Now, here is the key to success. Let that anger work, yet repress it to the degree that you can handle what I am about to tell you. This worked wonders for me, and if you are a sincere person, it will work wonders for you too.

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If you are experiencing a problem with another individual, you have the right to contact the authorities. You have the right to protest, contacting your area representative or state representative. You the right to contact any higher official that will work for you and you have the right to tell all the details surrounding the incidents. You do not have the right to beat someone up, attack him or her emotionally, or insult him or her verbally. You have the right to protect yourself if someone threatens your life, or being, but you do not have the right to strike out without cause.

In certain incidents, the opposite person did something to make you angry. This means that you have a right to defend your self legally and righteously. If you have to resort to informing the higher authorities, then so be it. You did nothing wrong as long as you are honest. The key to success then is staying honest regarding whose feelings you hurt or whose toes you step on. An honest person often feels good inside and when a situation occurs that angers them, they often know how to handle it. When we are not honest to our selves or others then we are laying a foundation for hate, which leads to anger outbursts. If we are doing something wrong, it often bothers our conscious and we will act out angrily when our emotions are interrupted.

Do not get me wrong, an honest person can become angry, since it is an emotion. When you are honest, you are subject to a series of attacks by others, that liars are not ordinarily subjected too. This is because the system is used to lies and when a person is honest not everyone will understand the person. Therefore, you are working against anger, yet in the same token you are working against the sources that make you angry. Sometimes fighting fire with fire is the ultimate source for dealing with anger.

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