Only 6 Nigerians Signed The Amalgamation Document In 1914

*Only 6 Nigerians Signed The Amalgamation Document In 1914, namely:*

1.HRH Maiturare Sarkin Mussulumi and Sultan of Sokoto

2. Usuman Dan Maje who later became Emir of Kano


3. Sir Kitoyi Ajasa a lawyer

4. HRH Oladugbolu Alaafin of Oyo

5. HRH R Henshaw (Obong of Calabar)

6. Abubakar Shehu of Borno

The location of the signing of d amalgamation document was Zungeru, Niger State. That was the Capital of the British Protectorate of Northern Nigeria from 1902 until 1916

There were 6 people  and the rest of the 22 were British.


 *The Edict expired in 2014.*

The document stated that after 100 years,  each party can re-evaluate & determine if they want to continue together or go their separate ways.

Why did we refuse to honour the agreements?

Nigeria technically expired  in 2014. So, we can at least renegotiate the terms of continuing as a single Nation or Federation, Confederation or total separation.

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