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      By Dr. Abdul Lateef Abdul Hakeem


      Whenever you decide to bring about a true change in your organisation or community, people are divided into 4 groups:

      1. The Change Champions
      2. The Cheer Leaders
      3. The Change Skeptics and
      4.The Game Changers ( The Most Dangerous Group With the Highest Resistance level)

      The degree of cooperation or resistance by anyone is a function of which of the 4 categories he or she belongs. Therefore stay focussed and be not distracted. Our time in this world is very short. In the same vein our tenure is unreliably temporary. We write our story daily through our conduct. What we do today is our story tomorrow.

      Nigeria is a great country and Nigerians are great people. Unfortunately, we are currently defined by the crimes committed by some Nigerians. The only way to change the narratives is to start with yourself. Albert Einsten divided people into 3 categories:
      1. Those who make things happen
      2. Those who watch as things are happening and
      3. Those who complain about what is happening without taking any step

      I invite you to join many positive Nigerians who have chosen to make things happen by beginning with themselves. Start with yourself today. Imbibe the values of righteousness, development, competence, commitment, honesty, transparency, integrity, prudence, selflessness, hardwork, justice, contentment, charity and love of fellow Nigerians regardless of tribe, religion or colour.

      Develop a growth mindset and do away with toxic relationships. May Our Lord continue to guide our steps in developing the right attitude today. Our Lord is our strength!

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