Only the Matured Partner Keeps the Marriage Standing



Every marriage has an immature partner. It’s very rare to find a marriage that has two equally mature people. There’s always a partner in your marriage who’s immature.



1. That’s the one who is quick to get angry.

2. Who doesn’t apologize easily.


3. Who acts before thinking.

4. Who feels entitled to everything.

5. Who thinks they are doing their partner a favour.


6. Who thinks if the relationship ends they’d meet a better person. It could be the man or the woman.

7. Immature partner expresses that he/she is the one anchoring the finances at home.

8. Immature partner keeps malice after every misunderstanding .


9. Immature husband abandons food due to misunderstanding while immature wife refuses to prepare meal because of provocation.

10. Immature minds in marriage don’t forgive and forget issues.

The immature partner always feels like he or she deserves what he or she has or even better. This feeling could come because he is handsome or because she’s beautiful , or because he or she is intelligent , or because he or she has potential, or because he or she has vision, or because of arrogance and pride.


The immature partner is intelligent but doesn’t have enough common sense. He or she might be attractive but lacks good sense of judgment. He or she is outspoken but proud . That immature person is the one who always threatens to leave a relationship, because he or she feels there’s always a better person out there waiting for him or her.

But one thing people don’t understand is that the grass is not always greener on the other side . Some of them discovered this when it was already too late. But because they have a partner who serves as the shock absorber, they think the world belongs to them. Because the mature partner overlooks their excesses, you’d think they are mature.

 It is only the mature partner that keeps the marriage together and going. It’s because of the mature person that the relationship is beautiful. Take a moment and reflect: are you the immature person in your relationship? If you are the one, be grateful that you have someone who overlooks your excesses. You have no idea what you have yet.

 Guide your heart and keep your home. There is always rewards for anyone that pays the prize of keeping the home. May God help everyone paying for the sacrifice.

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