Only Onions Can Make You Cry?

A friend told me an onion is the only foodstuffs that can make you cry, I laughed and threw a coconut at his face. He’s still crying ooo am shocked ooo      

 *You say a relationship heartbreak is the worst painful feeling ?? My friend, I guess your teacher never separated you from the person you had planned to copy answers from in an exam.* **

 I fainted 5 times 2day when I Overheard One Ekiti Girl who said ”Beauty is in the eyes of the DECODER.”

Immediately I woke up, she told the guy who tried to correct her that ”SCIENCE is the best answer for a fool like you”.

My dear shift let me faint again.

I hate It When Somebody tell a girl


“You Don’t Look Like You Can Cook”

I Mean, is she Supposed To Braid her Hair With Vegetables And Decorate her Ears With Tomatoes And Onions Just to Have The “Cook Look??? “


That disgusting moment when you are kissing your partner and you notice some rice particles

in his/her mouth��

And you asked

“Honey Did You Just Finished Eating??”

and your partner says

“No dear..I just finished vomiting”.


Fada laud, I’m ready now.

Take My Soul.!!!


Most Ladies Don’t Answer Video Call After 9pm Because Their Faces Have Been Restored Back To Factory Settings


I met a girl and asked her “what’s your name?” and she told me “LA CASERA”


Please what should i tell her my name is??

A man returns a book to the library,

banged it on the counter and yelled, “I read this entire novel; there are too many names of people and no story at all!”

The Librarian looks up and responds,

“Idiot! So you were the one who took the Attendance book?”

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