My Life in Social Media Streets (Part 5)

Regaining my consciousness, I saw Imam and my dad.

“Where is my mum?” I asked my dad

“She just left. She has to go to attend to some basic needs. Once I am here, no wahala.” Dad responded.

I sighed. “So, artificial replacement will be done for me?” I re-asked my dad

“We have been referred to another hospital. Doctor said that if God wills, it can still be corrected after some medical treatment and rehabilitation.

To cut the long story short dear friend, I was given hope of still working in another hospital without any artificial replacement. But, I was told that it will take a long time as I will be using wheel chair for a certain period of time.


May Allah reward Sister Nabdah. She is a friend worthy to be prayed for. She would record the lectures in class, compressed them and forwarded them to me, she would do a video call with me to put smile on my face, she would hold an online tutorial with me via WhatsApp video and so on. She did visit me both at office and at home when I was discharged.

Dear friend, I still have to put it in record that Imam used to visit me, preached for me and gave me hope. I learnt a lot from him while in hospital on how the Jinn destroy homes, individuals and relationships. May Allah reward him also.

Dear friend, you won’t believe that immediately I got home, this guy still used to visit me and had the disgusting canal acts with me, despite the fact that I am still using wheel chair. I informed my dad and he requested me to allow Ruqyah recitation from Imam. I have no choice than to accept. I asked my dad that when will Imam come for the recitation but he said that he didn’t know.

On a Friday evening around 5:30pm, Imam visited me in the company of my dad. He told me to use Niqab. So, he started the recitation of the Ruqyah. After some minutes, I lose consciousness and couldn’t say what happened again.

I heard my dad footsteps about after 10 in the night, that was when I gained consciousness back. I asked of the Imam from my dad but I was told that he has went back to his residence after Ishai.

“What happened to me?” I asked my dad.

My dad smiled at me and said “Alhamdulillah my dear, you were possessed by Jinn and the Jinn has left you now.”

“How!” I asked

“My babe, you need enough rest. Eat this _Ajwah_ (a pressed date) and drink the _Zamzam_. Imam brought them and requested you to take it for 7 days. He also requested that you should be creaming yourself with Zaytun mixed with black seed. I will inform you what happened tomorrow.”

After eating the date, I felt weak and slept. I woke around 8am. My mum was with me then. I greeted her and joked with her. I requested for my dad but I was told he has left for office. My mum cleaned me, served my breakfast and requested my younger sister to stay with me as she was about going to her shop.

I slept again when my mum left and woke around 12:30pm. I asked my younger sister where my phone was but she told me that my dad has went out with it.

“Why?” I asked


“I don’t know ooo!!!” She replied

I took her small phone to put call across to my dad. I requested my phone from her. He told me that he was sorry for taking it out. He promised me to be at home soon. He also requested what I wish to eat. I requested for ice cream and _Danbu Naama_. He promised to get them for me at a nearby supermarket.

My dad returned home after Asr, he visited me and handed my phone to me. He was looking so paled but struggle to make me happy by chatting with me. I requested him to take some nap, that we can still discuss after Magrib.


After Magrib, my dad decided to have his dinner in my room. After having dinner with me, he narrated the reaction of the jinn to me.

_To be continued_

Raheem Hameed



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