Letter Of Apology To Gov Abdulrasaq From A Christian Lady Who Took Part in The Protest Against Hijab



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My name is Janet, a devoted Christian Lady living in Ilorin. I write this letter of apology to you sir for taking part in the protest that rocked the state recently over Hijab contoversy. I was also involved in the clash between muslims and Christians when your Excecllency ordered the re-opening of missionary schools days after they had been shut down!

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I am here to state that my actions are regrettable and acted out of ignorance and hatred towards Islam! Despite the churches of the Missionary Schools took the state government to court and lost the case, I still disregarded court’s judgement and joined other Christians to fight a cause that is baseless!

I never knew that the Government High School, Adeta, I went was singlehandedly built by your father, Lawyer, AGF Abdulrasaq of a blessed memory using his own resource to erect the buildings. He bought the land, built structures and established the school in his neighborhood and named it ILORIN COLLEGE, ILORIN in 1967.

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He had every right to make it private and be generating money for him but out his unparalleled benevolent gestures, he made it public, no discrimination between Muslim and Christian students.

However, it was the same period that government took over Christian & Muslim Missionary Schools in Kwara. The then Govt was magnanimous in leaving the original names of missionary schools out of respect for their founders. Despite the fact that GOVT HIGH SCHOOL is in the heart of Ilorin Emirate, It houses big Mosque and nagnificent hurch building sfter government took over.

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AGF Abdulrasaq, who coincidentally is the father of the present Governor, a devoted muslim, never protested against it, he left everything to Government. Today, AGF Abdulrasaq’s family has no SAY in running the affairs of the school.

It seems we Christians are getting it wrong and it is high time we shouldn’t see wearing of Hijabs in those govt Inherited Missionary Schools as victimisation! If AGF Abdulrasaq, Governor’s father bcould tolerate christian students who had been going to the school he singlehandedly established and never protested when government took it over from him, I don’t know why it has been so difficult for Christian missionary schools to tolerate?

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Sir, I know you are kind-hearted like your father. Please find a place in your heart to forgive me. Your father’s school made me who I am today. I never experienced victimisation being a Christian student while in the school. Like I said, my taking part in the protest/clash was out of ignorance and hatred!

Today, I am promising your excellency that I would work seriously on myself to live out of hatred towards Islam or Hijab and continue to talk to my fellow Christians on the need to live and let live. May God heal our land!

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