Brain Versus Brain Examination

Three University guys dodged exam because they did not study… They came up with a plan, got themselves dirty using grease, then went to see the Lecturer.

”Sir we are sorry we couldn’t make it to the exam. We attended a wedding and on our way back the car broke down thus we became so dirty as you can see”. The Lecturer understood and gave them three days

to prepare.


After three days, they went to the Lecturer very ready for the exam because they had studied. The Lecturer put them in three separate classes with only four questions in the exam paper;

1. Who got married? (25 marks)

2. Where was the reception held? (25mks)


3. Where exactly did the car break down?


4.What type of car broke down? (25mks)


MARKING SCHEME:  Your answers must be the same.!!!

They are still in the exam hall as we speak!

MORAL LESSON: The truth shall set you free.

Such will be the scenario on the judgment day, we can plan evil with others as a group but on the judgment day we must account individually for our sins…


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