If Your Husband Adds Another Wife

Dear Muslim Woman

Do you ever think of what you’ll do if your husband takes another wife?

I’m not here to ask you to love polygyny, I’m just here to say it’s a reality.

Men love sex (at least most) and there’s nothing we can do about that. The idea of an *extra halal sexual partner* will always be exciting to most men. Even if you have sex with him 3 times every day, humans love adventure & novelty so the prospect of an alternative sexual partner will still be thrilling.

So what are we Muslim women supposed to do?

1. Make plenty du’a – if the idea of polygyny is something you think you can never bear, please tell Allah about it.

2. Speak to your husband – ask him about his thoughts about polygyny.

3. Remember that you don’t own hearts & you don’t own people – This husband you so desperately love can be taken away by Allah at any time, he could become really sick (we don’t pray for this but life happens) therefore as Muslimahs we should try to have a balanced approach to all things.

4. Have self-confidence – Work on yourself and BEG Allah to allow you *love* yourself. Your level of happiness should *not* be tied to any human being, not your husband or even your children. Your happiness should be from the remembrance of Allah.


Learn a skill.

Live your life productively to benefit yourself in this dunya & the akhirah.

Keep asking yourself, if this man is not here, what will I do with my life???

5. Make du’a again – Ask Allah to make polygyny easy for you in case you ever have to find yourself in it.

The truth (at least from my view) is that there seems to be FAR MORE eligible women for marriage than men so to some extent we should be happy that our sisters are getting life partners in an Islamically permitted fashion.

I know this is a hard topic but may Allah ease it for us all.


May Allah make us happy people from within and outside.

May Allah make us depend on NOBODY else fully apart from HIM.

May Allah make us among the truly successful in this life & the hereafter.

And to my brothers that abuse polygamy, may Allah heal you & keep you guided. Allah referred to marriage as a *heavy contract*, be mindful of how you treat your wives. At the end of the day, we are all slaves of Allah and we remain accountable to him.

I pray this touches someone’s heart positively today.

From your sister who prays to meet you all in Jannah Firdaus by Allah’s  mercy


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