`ANOTHER DNA PROBLEM – Breaking News!!!

  1. A 58year old retired banker in Lekki secretly did DNA test for his 4 kids, results came out negative. The test was carried out at a popular hospital in Victoria Island.

    He became very angry that he beat the children mercilessly, threw them out of the house and told them that he is not their father.

    The wife came back from market, reaching home she didn’t see all the children. She asked her husband the whereabouts of the children, the next thing she saw was a knife in her husband’s hand, before she could run, it was too late.

    She saw herself falling to the ground with blood oozing out from her neck.

    The husband saw 20 missed calls from the hospital, he called back just for the doctor to tell him that the DNA results were not his own that it was just a mistake and that his own results are all out positive and all his children belong to him!

    The man shouted, what?!!! A mistake or what did you say?!! Tears ran from his eyes, his hands began to shake. He  saw his dying wife on the ground, tried to hold her but his body was shaking so violently that he fainted.

    He opened his eyes and it was a dream!!!

    You guys like Nigeria movie too much….
    …..Use it to  educate ànd reduce the stress of your friends

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