I believe what Ngozi did for her husband will make the man to forever respect her and show great understanding always.

I am sure some of us may remember the story.

Her husband is a medical doctor that works in an American hospital.

At the hospital, the man messed up with a Ghanaian nurse.

The nurse and her boyfriend set up Ngozi’s husband and had his nude pictures with the Ghanaian nurse.

They started blackmailing him and were exhorting from him thousands of dollars.

Ngozi became troubled and queried the husband about the unusual withdrawals, on which the husband was giving false excuses.

She did a wonderful thing by employing a private investigator to unravel the misery.


The private investigator came up with his findings, including pictures.

A normal African woman at that point would have turned the house into a battle ground.

Ngozi being a woman of great wisdom got her husband seated and told him the game was over.

She emboldened her husband and told him they are reporting the case to the police.

The Ghanaian nurse and her boyfriend are still serving their 20 year jail- term.

She did another wonderful thing and called a press conference and told the press all these stories.

At that point, it was no longer a news and no press can make any scandal out of it, the story having been told by the victims themselves.

It is very rare for any African woman to act the way Ngozi did.

She is truly a great woman and her husband will forever respect her.


 *Comment:* No wonder Ngozi is flying high. Any woman that truly love, care and protect the interests of her husband will certainly obtain God’s favour.


A wise woman builds her house but a foolish woman tears her home apart . Proverbs 14:1

 *Whatsoever you establish in your home is a symbol of what you will get. Be wise!!!!!!*

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