Married Men – Be Careful

Please Read Through This Confession And Share

My name is Nora Roberts…. I live in Abuja.  I’m single . I’m 32years and living big.  I have alot of properties in Abuja. I drive a posh car which I bought with my money. I live in 3 bedroom flat at life Camp in Abuja. I single handed cater for my family and siblings. I want everyone to read this and pray for your husbands.  I belong to a cult in Abuja.A ladies cult. At initiation we cut our hair and submit it for sacrifice.

  We are never to  have long hair becos we must always submit our hair yearly.  We identify ourselves with the low cut we carry.  People will think its fashion , it is not.  It is our logo.


In our cult,  the hair you submit will give you powers to make any man your slave.  Once you sleep with a man,  he will love you madly and do whatever you say,  the man will start having serious challenges,  he will face alot of bad luck and even in the midst of the challenges will still be giving you money.

 Anyman that was doing well and later start having   challenges to the extent you are losing money,  that is a sign you are with one of us.   pls men pay attention.

At the end you will be so useless and worthless. And your family will suffer.


We are told to make it effective we should give anal sex, this make men go crazy and they can give you their bank account. Alot of married men are our slaves.

Our target is married men. Destroying home is our mission.

Some men that are principled and self discipline have escaped some of us.


Wives pray for your husbands. We are everywhere. Men Run away from ladies with very low cut hair.  Have u asked what a young lady is doing with a low cut,  looking like a widow..

That is why wigs are trending,  because we use the wigs to cover up.

I have ruined alot of homes. I have made so much money. Until I was arrested in Living Faith Church.  I followed one of  friends to the church,  I went there to see if I can catch a new mugu.  But God arrested me instead.  I’m now a born again. Pls wives always pray for your husbands.

Husbands help yourself and your family. Or else you will become useless all your life. Shalom.

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