My husband married me for his dog, every lady must read this!!

I made a mistake marrying my husband. I let the love of money confused me. I had a guy who was really interested in me but I didn’t give him a chance because he was still a youth corper.

I don’t want to start waiting for a long time,  Besides, I have no idea when things will get better for him.

I met my husband two weeks after I turned down the corper’s request. My husband has three cars and a big house. He would drive to my house every evening and take me out.

I fell for him and said yes. We got married but the story became different. He wouldn’t make love to me. Instead, he will get me so drunk and made me sleep. Then, his dog would come over me to have sex.

That happened for two weeks until I stopped taking the drinks. Although I didn’t expect a dog sleeping with me, I would not even think about it, It was until one day he tried to get me drunk I pretended I was,  I slept off and even faked snoring.

He came in, rubbed his hands over my face. Then he went out and brought his dog.

He chanted some incantation on the dog and pushed it on me. Then I woke up and screamed.

He begged me. He said he would run mad if I don’t sleep with the dog. I insisted that I will never do that. He did run mad.

The dog was the secret of his wealth. He used it to take the body fluid of women for his evil ordeal. I went to the hospital for a medical check up. The doctor said my womb has been tampered with. I wept bitterly. I have been used. I let the love of money destroy me.

To all the single ladies out there, don’t be like me,  If a guy is promising, give him a chance. Not all that glitters are gold.

Learn from my story.

May God help us…

~CCPNews International

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