Marriage has three stages. The first stage is called honey moon and lasts about two years. This stage is very sweet, nice and romantic. This is where you find names like honey, sweet heart, baby and so on.

In this stage, everything is perfect. This is a stage where a man returns home and dumps his socks and shoes anywhere but in the morning, he will wake up and find them placed where they’re supposed to be. This is where madam doesn’t go to bed until you return home. She sits in the living room and receives all the mosquito bites waiting for you till you return, take a shower and enjoy supper. Even if you return at midnight, you find her waiting for you. Wait and see what happens in the second stage.

This first stage is beautiful with alot of tolerance. This is a stage where at night while in bed, you release a very toxic gas and your spouse instead apologizes. Remember, you have gassed but again he tells you, “Sorry darling, it’s okaaaaaay.” This is unbelievable. Madam has gassed but to you, it’s okay. Maa Sha Allah, this is sweet. Everything is just merry making during this stage. In conclusion, Enjoy this stage for as much as we can.

The second stage lasts for ten years! This is where honey moon is over. This stage is red hot. During this stage, perhaps financial challenges have come in. You have given birth and the children are also disturbing you. Sometimes you are yet to give birth but really want to and the pressure on you is mounting from all corners. Landlords have become Landlords. There is loss of employment. Things are just tight.

Life is hard in this second stage. The man who used to return home early now returns very late. Sometimes he doesn’t even return home. There are suspicions of infidelity and cheating. You don’t trust each other. You feel your spouse is cheating, and infact he or she is cheating. When you return home and leave your shoes outside, in the morning, you find them where you left them. Things are hot here.

This is a stage where at night, you release a toxic gas and your partner asks what you ate during supper time yet you ate the same meals. He can even leave the bed and spend the night in the sitting room simply because you gassed. Imagine only gassing.


The second stage is hot. There are fights; spiritual, physical and in all aspects. This is the stage where you reach the point of considering separating. Each spouse shows his or her true colours in this stage. A night dancer switches on the reggae, mixes the music and punches the baseline. Your relatives taste the greedy side of your wife.

Those who persevere and overcome this stage end up keeping their marriage till death does them part. However, very many hang up the towel in this stage. They quit. In conclusion, Those who are in this stage should fight a little longer, not to hang up the towel. There is light at the end of the tunnel. Just a little longer and you are done with this heat.

Finally, there’s the last stage. This comes after the ten red hot years. This last stage is lukewarm. It’s neither cold or hot. You gas at large and no one applauds you or complains. You have seen enough of each other. You have known each other’s true colours.

In this stage, whatever your partner does no longer surprises you. If she quarrels, you just say that is the nature of this woman. If he is still late out in the night, you don’t even bother to call since you know he will return. If she doesn’t serve you food and you feel hungry, you just go and serve food otherwise, hunger hits you for nothing.

This stage is not for disturbing one another. There is alot of calmness and commands are few. This is where if you are watching TV with her in the sitting room and you feel thirsty, you don’t send her to bring for you drinking water but only wait when she’s moving to the direction where there is water and you tell her if she is coming back, she can come along with some water. If she asks you to repeat what you just said, you have to pretend like you didn’t say anything. All of a sudden, she shocks you and returns with drinking water. There is mutual respect in this stage. In conclusion,  Those in this stage should just work for eternity. congratulations to those who are in this stage for, they have come from far.

Amen and amen

Have a wonderful reflection on this post.

This can be related to new couple to-be, less than ten years marriage & finally btw 20 – 80 years of marriage.

Marriage means manage till eternity

May Allah not test our EIMAN with wrong partners.


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